Is your beloved cat leaving behind unwanted odors in your home?

Does it feel like no matter what, you can’t quite get rid of that unpleasant smell? We understand. Cat litters typically contain components like activated charcoal or baking soda, which work to absorb and neutralize unpleasant odors. Using the wrong kind of litter can make eliminating odors from a cat’s litter box an impossible battle. That's why we've compiled seven top picks for the best cat litter for odor control and clumping - so you don't have to deal with embarrassing odors in your home.

With these high-quality products, say goodbye to strong smells once and for all! Not only are these highly effective at trapping bad smells away - but they also have other benefits too – such as easy maintenance and tight clumping ability.

How We Picked These Products

Finding the right litter for your cat can be challenging, especially when it comes to odor control.

Traditional litter doesn't always do the trick and can leave your home smelling less than fresh. Trying to find a safe and effective litter choice can feel overwhelming.

We did the research for you after detailed analysis and have compiled a list of the 7 best cat litter for odor control so you can make an informed decision quickly and easily.

Best Cat Litter That is 25% Lighter

Cat’s Pride Max Power Multi-Cat Litter 

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Why We Like This

Cat's Pride max power multi-cat litter that is 25% lighter than traditional clumping litter. With its lightweight formula, pouring and storing this litter has never been easier. The 25% lighter formula makes it easy to handle and store, eliminating the back-breaking struggle of handling heavy and cumbersome cat litter bags. The lightweight feature of this product is a game-changer for all cat owners who have struggled with carrying bulky packages.

This litter provides an efficient solution to everyday problems faced by pet parents. It ensures that you can easily pour and manage your cat's litter without causing any strain on your body. Moreover, the lightweight feature has no impact on its performance as it still clumps effectively, making cleaning up messes much easier than traditional litter.

Things to Keep In Mind

The Cat's pride max power multi-cat litter is a top pick for many pet owners due to its unscented and dye-free formula. This litter is perfect for households with sensitive kitties or those who prefer to avoid strong smells.

The unscented feature of this litter makes it an ideal choice for cats with allergies or sensitivities to artificial fragrances. Perfumes and other additives found in some litters can irritate your cat's respiratory system, causing them discomfort and potentially leading to health issues.

Best Cat Litter for Odor Control Featuring Easy-clean Technology

Arm & Hammer Cat Litter 

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Why We Like This

Arm & Hammer cat litter featuring easy-clean technology has revolutionized the way cat owners clean their pet's litter boxes. This clumping cat litter is designed to slide out of your cat's litter box effortlessly, without any scraping or scrubbing required. The easy-clean technology feature in this product makes the dreaded task of cleaning a lot easier and hassle-free.

Easy-clean technology is that it clumps together tightly, making it easy to remove from the litter box with minimal effort. This means that you won't have to spend hours cleaning up after your feline friend, and you can get back to enjoying your day much sooner.

Things to Keep In Mind

Arm & Hammer has developed a cat litter product that promises to eliminate odors for up to 14 days - guaranteed. This slide odor control cat litter is designed to keep your multi-cat household smelling fresh and clean, making it a great choice for any pet parent who wants an easy solution to this common issue.

It means less work for you as a pet owner. Instead of having to scoop or change the litter box every day or two, you can relax knowing that this product will take care of the smell for up to two weeks. This can be especially helpful if you have multiple cats or limited space in your home, where strong litter box odors can quickly become overwhelming.

Best Cat Litter for Odor Control That is Easy To Scoop

Fresh Step Clumping Cat Litter

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Why We Like This

Fresh step-clumping cat litter is a favorite among cat owners for its easy-to-scoop features. The litter’s clump lock technology forms tight clumps that reduce stinky crumbles, making it extremely easy to scoop. This feature means that cat owners can spend less time cleaning up after their pets and more time enjoying quality moments with them.

The easy-to-scoop feature of this cat litter makes it ideal for busy pet owners who don’t have a lot of spare time on their hands. It is also great for those who suffer from allergies or asthma as it reduces dust clouds when scooping or changing the litter box.

Things to Keep In Mind

For pet owners who prioritize a clean and healthy home environment, Fresh Step Clumping Cat Litter boasts a 99% dust-free formula, setting it apart from other brands that can leave behind unpleasant clouds of dust. Additionally, Fresh Step is a low-tracking kitty litter, which means it stays put in the litter box and won't be tracked all over your floors.

Not only will this benefit your surfaces, but it also means cleaner air for you and your furry friend. With Fresh Step clay cat litter, you'll have peace of mind knowing your home is clean and your cat's litter box is under control.

Best Cat Litter for Odor Control That is Plant-based

ökocat Super Soft Cat Litter 

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Why We Like This

ökocat super soft cat litter is a popular choice among cat owners for its plant-based natural features. Unlike traditional clay litter, this litter is made with all-natural materials such as corn, wheat, and soybeans. Using plant-based litter is numerous and includes improved odor control, reduced dust levels, and better absorbency.

Plant-based litter is that it is naturally deodorizing. This means that it can trap bad smells effectively without the need for added fragrances or chemicals. Natural litters tend to be less dusty than their clay counterparts which can cause respiratory issues in both cats and humans.

Things to Keep In Mind

ökocat super soft cat litter is the perfect solution for cat owners who want a product that is both soft and absorbent. This litter is made from 100% natural clay, which means that it is safe for your cat to use and does not contain any harmful chemicals. The litter has been specially designed to be ultra-soft, which makes it comfortable for your cat to walk on and reduces the amount of dust that can be generated when they dig in the litter box.

One of the great things about ökocat super soft cat litter is its new exclusive online packaging. The litter comes in a 100% recyclable box that has been specially designed to withstand leaks and bad weather conditions. Inside the box, you will find a leak-proof bag that keeps the litter fresh and easy to store.

Best Cat Litter for Odor Control That is Pet Safe

Sapphire Labs Odor Cat Litter 

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Why We Like This

Sapphire Labs' odor cat litter is a game-changer in the world of pet-safe litter. Made with non-toxic activated carbon, this litter has proven to be safe and effective for decades. Unlike other litters that try to mask or cover up unpleasant smells, This cat litter removes odors completely without the use of harsh chemicals or fragrances.

Pet-safe features in odor cat litter are that it promotes a healthier environment for both pets and their owners. Many traditional litter options contain harmful chemicals that can cause respiratory issues or allergic reactions in pets, leading to discomfort and even illness. With this odor of cat litter, you can rest assured knowing that your feline companion is not being exposed to any harmful substances while using their litter box.

Things to Keep In Mind

Sapphire Labs odor cat litter is one of the best cat litter available in the market today. It has a unique fragrance-free feature that makes it stand out among others. The use of fragrance-free cat litter is extremely beneficial for both cats and their owners. Fragrances can be overwhelming for cats, and they might cause irritation or discomfort to their sensitive noses.

Moreover, strong fragrances in the litter can also trigger allergies in humans who come into contact with them frequently. This is especially true for people with respiratory issues such as asthma or bronchitis. By opting for this odor cat litter, you are ensuring that your cat's litter box smell remains neutral, without any overpowering scents that may affect your pet's health or yours.

Best Cat Litter for Odor Control Featuring Ultra Absorbent Channels

Litter Pearls Crystal Cat Litter 

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Why We Like This

Litter pearls crystal cat litter featuring ultra-absorbent channels is the solution we’ve all been waiting for. This non-clumping litter utilizes innovative channels throughout its crystals to absorb both liquid and solid waste, making it easier than ever to keep your cat’s litter box smelling fresh.

The channels are designed to absorb liquids and lock away odor-causing particles, leaving your litter box smelling clean and fresh for longer periods. The mechanics behind the ultra-absorbent channels make this litter a lifesaver for pet owners who are tired of constantly changing their cat's litter.

The channels of this non-clumping cat litter distribute cat urine evenly throughout the litter, ensuring that every piece of crystal is doing its job of absorbing moisture. This means you don't have to worry about pooling or clumping like with traditional clay litter which can be frustrating and messy to deal with during cleaning time.

Things to Keep In Mind

Litter pearls crystal cat litter is made from high-quality silica gel crystals, which are incredibly absorbent and, therefore, require less litter per cat. This means there will be less waste going into landfills.

Moreover, the high absorbency properties of silica gel crystals make them a more cost-effective option in comparison to other types of litter materials. While other brands may require you to purchase larger quantities or change out the litter box more frequently, this crystal cat litter requires less maintenance and fewer changes due to its exceptional absorption capacity.

Best Cat Litter for Odor Control with 5-in-1 Ingredients

Petkit Cat Litter 

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Why We Like This

Petkit cat litter has been gaining popularity among pet lovers due to its 5-in-1 ingredients that offer multiple benefits for both cats and their owners. The unique blend of all-natural ingredients in this cat litter includes tofu, bentonite, activated carbon, deodorant particles, and litter mate.

It uses 67.66% of tofu cat litter in our pet-safe mix to ensure that odors are controlled. The absorbent bentonite clay can trap nasty smells before they even reach the air while naturally repelling liquid waste so that it can be quickly scooped out from the box. It also adds 2.91% litter mate plus supremely effective aromatic particles which give a pleasant scent to the room and keeps bad odors away - something your four invited guest won’t help but appreciate! And don’t forget about its 0.43% deodorant particles, designed to break down strong ammonia compounds to eliminate musty odors lingering in the air.

Things to Keep In Mind

Petkit cat litter has become a popular choice for many cat owners, thanks to its innovative water flushable feature. Made from natural ingredients that are both dissolvable and flushable, this cat litter offers pet owners an eco-friendly way to dispose of their furry friend's waste. Unlike traditional clay litter that can cause environmental harm, It is safe for your plumbing system and the environment.

Petkit cat litter's water flushable feature is convenient. With this eco-friendly option, you no longer have to worry about disposing of used litter in landfills or dealing with unpleasant odors in your home. The process is straightforward: Simply scoop up the used litter and pour it directly into your toilet bowl. The ingredients of this natural litter will dissolve quickly and easily in water, making flushing a breeze.


Finding the perfect litter can be a pain. You have to think about odor control, price, and convenience.

The wrong litter choice can mean stinky smells or a huge waste of money. Nobody wants either of those options when it comes to their cat’s health and comfort.

We’re here for you with FAQs about cat litter for odor control. Our team of experts has done the research so you don’t have to—we’ll give you unbiased answers and advice on the best litters for smell control, and more!

Can cat litter be used to absorb odors?

Cat litter can effectively eliminate bad smells because it contains ingredients like baking soda or activated charcoal that neutralize odors. If it can continuously combat litter box smells, it's worth considering using cat litter to tackle other household odors as well.

What is the best litter for odor?

The litter should be highly absorbent to quickly trap and contain moisture and odor. Additionally, Dust-free litter can also prevent the spread of litter particles, which can contribute to unwanted odors. Finally, consider the litter's texture and consistency - a clumping litter that forms tight, solid clumps are best for odor control, as it allows for easy removal of both solid waste and the associated odors.

What cat litter do vets recommend?

While some vets may recommend a particular litter brand, most will simply advise you to use the one that is right for your cat. Generally, look for a dust-free and highly absorbent litter with clumping capabilities and odor control properties. Additionally, natural litters are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to reduce odors naturally without the use of harsh chemicals. Most importantly, make sure the litter you choose is one your cat will use and enjoy!

Do cats hate smelly litter?

Cats are sensitive to smells and odors, so it's important for the litter to be clean and fresh. If the litter is smelly or clumps too much, your cat may refuse to use it altogether. Look for a litter that offers superior odor control and clumping capabilities if you want a product your cats will actually enjoy using!

Can I put baking soda in cat litter?

Baking soda is sometimes recommended as a way to neutralize odors in cat litter. Some additives, like potassium chloride and activated charcoal, can also be used to help reduce the smell of ammonia in the litter box. However, it's always best to check with your vet before making any changes to the litter you use for your cats!

How often should I change cat litter?

It's recommended that you should be changing your cat’s litter at least once a week. Some people recommend doing it more frequently, such as every three to four days. It is important to keep the litter box clean and fresh with regular changes. Additionally, look for a litter that offers superior odor control capabilities so that the box stays smelling fresh and your cat is more likely to use it!

Can you put baby powder in cat litter?

Baby powder can help mask the smell of cat litter and make it more pleasant for cats to use, however, it is not recommended as a long-term solution. Baby powder can cause respiratory irritation in cats if inhaled, so it’s best to avoid using this type of product in your cat’s litter box.

How deep should cat litter be?

The depth of the litter should be at least two to three inches. This will give your cat enough space to move around and dig in so they can cover up their waste properly. Additionally, having a deeper layer of litter can help absorb odors more effectively.

What can I mix with cat litter?

There are some additional items you can add to your cat’s litter box to help keep it smelling fresh and reduce odors. Some cat owners have had success adding baking soda, activated charcoal, or even coffee grounds to their litter in order to absorb the smells better. However, make sure that whatever you choose is safe for cats first.

How can I make my cat litter last longer?

One of the most effective ways to make cat litter last longer is to use a clumping type. This will help you easily remove and replace soiled litter, reducing the amount that needs to be changed each time. Additionally, look for highly absorbent litter that can quickly trap moisture and odors and prevent them from spreading. Finally, try to keep the litter box clean and fresh with regular changes. This will help ensure your cat wants to use it, and can extend the life of your litter!

How long can you use the same cat litter?

It is recommended that you should be changing your cat’s litter at least once a week. While some clay cat litters may last longer, it's important to keep an eye on the condition of the litter and replace it when needed.

Should 2 cats use the same litter?

Yes, it is perfectly fine for two cats to use the same litter box. Just make sure to keep a close eye on the condition of the litter and replace it when needed. You can consider using separate boxes if one cat seems to be avoiding or not using the shared one.

Can I use sand as cat litter?

No, it is not recommended to use sand as cat litter. Sand has sharp edges that can be uncomfortable for cats and could lead to scratched paws or other injuries. Additionally, sand does not offer the same odor-control capabilities as traditional clay or silica-based litter.

Why does my cat leave litter everywhere?

Cats may be leaving clumps of litter around their home as a way to mark their territory. You can try using a covered litter box or one with high sides to prevent the spread of litter outside the box.

Final Thought

In conclusion, the right litter can make or break the daily task of cleaning up after your cat. It’s important to find a good balance in terms of cost and performance when selecting a litter. The seven litters on this list are all great choices for anyone trying to find a litter that will control odors, offer easy clumping, and have low dust levels.

Each litter offers something slightly different, so make sure you evaluate what qualities are most important to you when choosing which litter is best for your cat.