Are you planning to take your cat on a road trip soon?

Cat carriers for cars are designed to keep your cat comfortable during transport. They often feature soft padding, ventilation, and enough space for your cat to move around and stretch. We know traveling with cats can be tricky.

Our team has put together the top seven picks for the best cat carriers – Comfort, security, and style are all taken into consideration when they make their recommendations. No matter what type of carrier you’re looking for, we have an amazing option that fits just what you need!

Whether it’s mesh windows for extra ventilation or adjustable shoulder straps so carrying is easier – each one of these carefully curated carriers offers something special features to ensure your feline friend feels secure and comfortable during their journey.

How We Selected the Best Options

Traveling with our cats can be stressful - for both the cat and the owner! It's challenging to find a good carrier that fits your cat, is comfortable and safe, and keeps your car from becoming a mess.

Trying to figure out which of the hundreds of carriers on the market are worth spending money on and actually fit your car can be overwhelming.

Let us do the work for you! We’ve spent weeks testing dozens of different cat carriers and reviewing customer feedback to create a list of seven of the best cat carriers for car travel - so you don’t have to.

Best Collapsible Cat Travel Car Seat with Built-in Clip-On Safety Leash

Beelike Cat Travel Car Seat

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Why We Like This

Beelike collapsible cat travel car seat comes with a built-in clip-on safety leash that ensures your cat stays secure and safe during the entire journey. This feature is especially beneficial for those long road trips where frequent stops are not possible.

The clip-on safety leash is designed to attach easily to your cat's harness, providing additional support and stability while in transit. It helps prevent your furry friend from moving around or jumping out of the car seat, which can be dangerous and distracting for drivers. Moreover, this feature allows you to keep an eye on your pet without having to take your eyes off the road.

Important to Know

The Beelike collapsible cat travel car seat provides a safe and comfortable traveling experience for cats. The reinforced metal frame in this collapsible cat travel car seat ensures that your cat stays secure throughout the journey.

The frame offers excellent protection against sudden movements or impacts while on bumpy roads, ensuring that your furry friend remains stable and comfortable even during long trips. Additionally, the reinforced frame prevents your cat from getting hurt in case of an accident or collision, giving you peace of mind as you drive.

Best Cat Carrier for Car Traveling That is Easy to Store

Prutapet Cat Carrier for Car Traveling 

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Why We Like This

The Prutapet large cat carrier comes with an easy-to-store feature that makes it convenient for you. The carrier can be easily folded into a compact size, making it easy to store in small spaces such as car trunks or closets.

The foldable design of this cat carrier allows you to quickly pack and unpack the carrier without taking up too much space in your car. You can now enjoy long drives with your cat without worrying about bulky carriers taking up valuable space.

The best part is that the carrier retains its sturdy construction even when folded, ensuring maximum safety and comfort for your pet during transit.

Important to Know

Prutapet large cat carrier for car traveling comes with complete accessories that make traveling with your pet easy and hassle-free. The travel litter box is one of the most important accessories that come along with this carrier. It solves the problem of finding a suitable place for your cat to relieve themselves during a long car journey.

The travel litter box is designed to be compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. It can be easily folded up when not in use and stored away in the carrier itself. This means you will not have to worry about finding a suitable place for your cat to do its business during rest stops or at gas stations. Additionally, the collapsible water bowl is another great accessory that comes along with this carrier.

Best Car Seat Rolling Carrier with a 360-degree View

Pet Gear Car Seat Rolling Carrier

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Why We Like This

The Pet Gear car seat with a 360-degree view allows your feline friend to see everything around them without feeling trapped or enclosed. The mesh windows provide ample ventilation while also giving your cat a clear view of their surroundings. This is especially important for cats who may be anxious or nervous during car rides, as it helps to reduce stress levels by providing an element of familiarity.

Important to Know

One of the most important features of the Pet Gear car seat is its removable, washable fleece comfort pad. This pad provides a soft and comfortable surface for cats to rest on during car rides, and can easily be removed and washed when it becomes dirty or soiled.

The removable fleece comfort pad is a practical and convenient feature that allows pet owners to keep their cat carrier for the car clean and hygienic. This is especially important for cats that may be prone to accidents or motion sickness during car rides.

Best Cat Carrier Bag That is Escape-Proof

Petisfam Cat Carrier Bag 

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Why We Like This

The Petisfam cat carrier bag with its escape-proof feature has designed to keep your cat safely inside the carrier at all times, preventing them from slipping out through small gaps or loose zippers.

The leash hook inside offers an added layer of protection, allowing you to attach your cat's collar or harness to prevent them from jumping out. This feature also makes it easier for you to carry the bag without worrying about your cat escaping or running away when you're on the move.

Important to Know

Petisfam cat carrier bag is made of non-toxic oxford fabric which provides a safe and comfortable environment for your cat during the journey. The non-toxic Oxford fabric used in this cat carrier bag is durable, lightweight, and water-resistant.

This fabric ensures that your cat remains dry even when you are caught in the rain or snow. It offers high resistance to wear and tear, making it perfect for long-term use. The non-toxic feature ensures that your pet's health is not compromised by any harmful chemicals or substances while traveling.

Best Cat Carrier with 3-sided Nylon Mesh for Air Circulation

Echohana Cat Carrier 

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Why We Like This

Echohana cat carrier featuring 3-sided nylon mesh allows air circulation from all angles of the carrier. This means that your cat will feel comfortable and fresh at all times, even during long trips or travels.

The material used in this mesh is also durable enough to withstand scratches and bites from your feline friend, making it a practical choice for those who have active cats. The 3-sided nylon mesh also provides great visibility for your pet. It allows them to see what's happening outside of the carrier without feeling confined or closed in.

Important to Know

One of the most notable features of this carrier is its anti-escape zipper which consists of two high-density metal zippers. This feature ensures that your furry friend remains safe and secure throughout the journey.

The anti-escape zipper is specifically designed to prevent cats from escaping the carrier while traveling. The double zippers provide an extra layer of security, ensuring that even the most determined cat cannot break free from the inside. Buckling these two zippers together creates a strong lock that pets cannot open inside.

Best Multi-Function Cat Carrier

Petprsco Cat Carrier 

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Why We Like This

Petprsco's best budget cat carrier is a multi-functional carrier that offers the best of both worlds, serving as a crate at home or a car seat in the car. The carrier has been specifically designed to fit comfortably in most vehicles, including SUVs where it can also be used in the trunk.

This means that you don't have to worry about finding alternative methods of transporting your pet when traveling by car. The carrier's sturdy construction ensures that your pet will remain safe and secure during transit.

Important to Know

Petprsco cat carrier is a large-capacity portable folding soft carrier designed for the ultimate comfort and safety of your furry friend. With product dimensions of 24 by 17 by 17 inches, this cat carrier is perfect for medium to large cats or even two cats with a weight limit of up to 55 pounds.

It's important to measure your pet's size before purchasing to ensure they comfortably fit in the spacious compartment. The large-capacity cat carrier allows ample space for your pet to move around freely and feel more relaxed during travel.

This means there's enough room for them to stretch their legs, lay down, sit up and turn around comfortably without feeling restricted or caged.

Best Pet Carrier for Cats with Padded Portable Handle Straps

Halinfer Pet Carrier for Cats 

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Why We Like This

The Halinfer pet carrier for cats with padded portable handle straps has become a fan favorite among cat owners due to its soft cushioned handle and easy-to-carry design as these straps are not only comfortable to hold, but also provide much-needed cushioning for your hands when carrying your cat around. The soft padding on these handles ensures that you can carry your cat without any discomfort or pain in your hands, even over long distances.

These portable handle straps have been designed to be adjustable so that you can find the perfect fit depending on your height and carrying preference.

Important to Know

The Halinfer pet carrier for cats comes with an added bonus of two side pockets to store essential items you may need when hiking or traveling. These pockets are perfect for carrying your cat's leash, snacks, and toys while on the go.

With its lightweight design and adjustable straps, this pet carrier can be comfortably worn as a backpack or carried by hand. The two side pockets on either side of the carrier add convenience to your travels by allowing easy access to important items without having to rummage through your bag.


You need to get your cat from A to B safely and quickly, but the variety and quality of carriers out there can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Do you know what types of material cat carriers best help to keep cats safe? Are there size restrictions when it comes to airline regulations? Is there any difference between a normal and an airline-approved pet carrier? Have you seen prices that are too good to be true, making you hesitate because you don't want to risk your kitty's safety?

Don’t stress - we have just the answer for all your cat carrier needs! FAQs about the cat carriers are here to provide peace of mind with its comprehensive selection of top-notch carriers for all budgets and sizes.

What is the best cat carrier for a car?

The best carrier should be sturdy, comfortable, and secure. A hard-sided carrier is often the best option as it provides the necessary stability and protection in case of an accident. Good ventilation is also essential to keep your cat calm and prevent overheating.

It's important to choose a carrier for car travel that is an appropriate size for your cat, comes with seat belt straps, and offers enough room for them to stand up and turn around. Finally, a carrier with easy access to the inside, either through a top-loading option or a door that swings open, makes it easier to get your cat in and out of the car.

Do cats prefer a soft-sided carrier or a hard carrier?

A lot of cats prefer soft carriers because they are more comfortable and provide more privacy for your cat. Soft carriers often have a top opening, making it easier to get your pet in and out without having to unzip any zippers or straps. 

However, hard-sided carriers can be a better choice if you're traveling by car or plane, as they provide more stability and security.

What can I use instead of cat carriers in the car?

If you're looking for an alternative to a traditional cat carrier, there are many options available. Car seat covers offer your kitty a safe and comfy place to ride while keeping your vehicle clean. Pet strollers can also be used as a way of transporting cats in the car without having to worry about containment or stability.

Cat backpacks allow you to carry your pet in a hands-free manner, which is great for people who want to keep their cat close by but don’t want to be weighed down.

How long can a cat stay in a cat carrier?

It is not recommended to leave your cat in the car carrier for more than a few hours. If you are traveling for a long period of time, it's best to break up the trip into shorter segments and stop along the way to give your cat some breaks from the carrier.

Where is the safest spot for a cat carrier in a car?

The safest place for a cat carrier in a car is on the floor behind the front seats This spot provides your cat with some stability and protection in case of an accident. Avoid placing it in the passenger seat or trunk, as these areas can get too hot and restrict airflow to your pet.

Should I put my cat in a carrier in the car?

Yes, it is important to put your cat in a carrier while driving. Not only will this keep them secure and comfortable, but it also helps protect them in case of an accident. 

It is best to find a carrier that is sturdy yet lightweight, with adjustable straps so you can wear it as a backpack or carry it by hand if needed.

How do you get a difficult cat into a carrier?

Getting a difficult cat into a carrier can be quite challenging! The best way to do this is by making the experience as pleasant as possible. Make sure to use treats, toys, and positive reinforcement when getting your pet used to the carrier so they don't associate it with something scary.

Provide an extra layer of comfort by lining the bottom of the carrier with a soft blanket. Once your cat is comfortable with the carrier, make sure to use treats and enticing toys to lure them in when it's time to go on a trip. If it is still difficult, you can use some of the best backpack cat carrier options that are more pet friendly.

Should I put a cat carrier in front or back?

It is best to put the cat carrier in the back of the car. This will give your pet more space and keep them away from any direct airflow that could make them uncomfortable. Additionally, placing it behind the front seats will provide some stability and protection in case of an accident.

How do you calm a stressed cat in a cat carrier?

There are ways to help ease their anxiety and make the journey less daunting. The first step is to introduce the carrier ahead of time, so they become comfortable with its presence. Pheromone sprays or a familiar blanket can also provide a sense of security.

During transportation, covering the carrier with a towel can give them a dark and safe space to retreat to. Additionally, it's important to remain calm and speak in a soothing tone to reassure your furry friend.

What should I put in the bottom of the cat carrier?

Adding a soft blanket or towel to the bottom of the carrier will make your pet more comfortable and provide an extra layer of protection. Additionally, placing a few familiar toys in the carrier can help keep them distracted during their journey. 

Lastly, providing treats for when they arrive at their destination can help encourage positive associations with traveling in the future.

How do I get my cat to stop crying in the carrier?

The first step is to introduce your cat to its carrier slowly and gradually. Leave the carrier open in a familiar area of your home and encourage your cat to explore it at their own pace. 

Place treats or toys inside the carrier to entice them further. Over time, they will start associating positive experiences with the carrier instead of just seeing it as something that takes them away from home.

Does covering a cat carrier calm the cat?

Yes, covering a cat carrier can help calm the cat. Cats generally feel more secure in dark and enclosed spaces, so providing them with a cover will make them feel safer and less anxious. 

It can also provide some protection from direct airflow that could be uncomfortable for your pet.

Should I put a pee pad in my cat's carrier?

It is not necessary to put a pee pad in your cat's carrier, as cats generally don't have the desire to urinate in an enclosed space. However, it may be beneficial if your pet has anxiety and cannot control their bladder. 

In this case, putting a pee pad at the bottom of the carrier can help absorb any accidents that may occur during the journey.

How long can a cat hold its pee for a car ride in a cat carrier?

A cat can typically hold its pee for up to 8 hours in a car ride, but this will vary from cat to cat. It's important that you take frequent breaks along the journey so your pet can relieve themselves in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Additionally, providing plenty of water throughout the trip keeps them hydrated and healthy.


No matter which best overall cat carrier you choose from these 7 options reviewed, it's important to familiarize your cat with the carrier long before any car trips. Make sure to practice leaving them in for a few minutes at a time and increase their time gradually. Offer treats and playtime when they are in the kennel and keep your demeanor calm and relaxed.

The more comfortable your furry friend is, the less stress and anxiety there will be. With innovation from pet carriers that can travel with or without a car, you won't have to worry about compromising your pet's comfort during your next road trip.