Are you struggling to keep your toddler calm and happy in the car?

Car seat trays offer a great solution - they become part of your car seat, allowing toddlers to play or snack without taking up extra space. You can even integrate them with other features such as a bottle holder, messenger bag,

tablet holder, and adjustable shoulder strap for an even more comfortable ride. They also make it safer for kids when traveling by keeping them buckled up during all their activities.

If you’re looking for convenience and comfort while traveling with your little one, then our carefully picked selection of top 7 car seat trays can help provide just that! Whether it's drawing time or snack time – we've got the perfect tray for any journey!

How We Picked The Best Options

It can be hard to know which car seat tray is the best for your toddler. You want something that is safe and easy to use, but also something that will keep them entertained on long trips.

Most parents feel like they are constantly struggling to keep their toddlers entertained while driving. The hours seem to drag on forever and it's hard to focus on the road when your child is asking for the hundredth time if you are there yet.

We have found the 7 best car seat trays for toddlers. These trays are all safe and easy to use, and they will keep your child entertained for hours on end.

Best Car Seat Tray Made of Plastic

Lusso Gear Tray for Toddler Car Seat 

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Why We Love It

Looking for a tray that will make your car seat more comfortable for your toddler? Look no further than the Lusso Gear tray! Made of durable plastic, this tray is easy to clean and perfect for keeping snacks and toys within reach.

Plastic is very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It is also non-toxic and easy to clean, making it a popular choice for children's toys. Finally, plastic is recyclable, meaning that it can be reused instead of disposed of in landfills.

Plus, it's lightweight and easy to install, so you can take it on the go. Whether you're running errands or going on a long road trip, the Lusso Gear tray is a must-have for any parent.

Important to Know

The benefits of the Lusso Gear tray for toddler car seats are clear; it is a unique and practical solution that combines convenience and comfort. Constructed of soft, durable fabric, the tray offers ample storage in your vehicle while protecting your toddler's delicate skin.

Additionally, it comes with its own tablet stand, providing the perfect accessory to keep young minds entertained during long trips and commutes. This two-in-one product ensures toddlers stay safe, comfortable, and entertained without sacrificing valuable space in your car!

Best Car Seat Tray for Toddlers with 360 Degree Rotation

Integral Car Seat Tray 

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Why We Love It

When it comes to car seat trays, the Integral car seat tray is one of the most versatile and innovative products on the market. It boasts an impressive 360-degree rotation feature that provides parents with an array of benefits.

For starters, this product is designed to meet all safety standards, so you can rest assured your child will be secure while using it. Additionally, its 360-degree rotation offers more flexibility than other car seat trays in terms of positioning and comfort.

Not only does this benefit your child’s posture but it also makes it easier for parents to get their children in and out of the car quickly and safely. Furthermore, its lightweight design means that transitions from home to vehicle are made smoother and faster than ever before!

Important to Know

The Integral car seat tray is designed with convenience in mind. One of the benefits of this product is that the materials used are all considered food safe, which means you can be sure that it won’t come into contact with any unhealthy compounds, keeping your children safe and healthy as they drive around.

Not only this, but the tray is also dishwasher safe for easy clean-up. If ever your little one spills something on the tray, you can simply pop it into the dishwasher without having to worry about making a mess or getting your hands dirty.

Overall, the benefits of constructed food-safe materials and dishwasher safety make the Integral car seat tray an excellent choice for parents looking to keep their kids happy and entertained in the car.

Best Car Seat Tray with Foldable Feature

Pillani Toddler Tray for Car Seat

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Why We Love It

The Pillani toddler tray for a car seat is a must-have item for parents who are often on the go. It's the perfect accessory to ensure that your little one is entertained, comfortable and safe while traveling in the car. This tray comes with a folding feature which has multiple benefits to make life easier for both kids and parents alike.

The foldable feature allows you to quickly set up or store away the tray with minimal effort. You can also adjust the height of the tray so it grows alongside your child as they get bigger. This toddler tray can easily be transported from one place to another without hassle. Not only does this product provide convenience but also safety assurance for young children too!

Important to Know

The Pillani toddler tray for a car seat is an incredibly useful accessory for toddlers. It comes with a variety of benefits that make it more attractive to parents and caretakers.

One of its most remarkable benefits is its original printed games kit, which can help keep your child occupied and entertained during long car rides. The kit contains a variety of great age-appropriate games that will stimulate your child's imagination and creativity, as well as their concentration and problem-solving skills.

Additionally, the tray also comes with 4 colorful markers, which can further enhance the playing experience by providing further scope for imaginative play. All in all, you're guaranteed to get a lot out of this product and its benefits if you get this invaluable accessory today.

Best Car Seat Tray with Dry Erase Board

Menzoke Toddler Car Seat Tray 

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Why We Love It

The Menzoke toddler car seat tray is a must-have for parents who are always on the go. This travel-friendly tray offers a safe and secure way to keep snacks, drinks, toys, and other items within reach of your little one during car trips. What sets this product apart from the rest is its inclusion of a Dry Erase Board which has many beneficial qualities.

The dry-erase board allows children to express themselves by writing, drawing, or both. They also benefit from an increased ability to think independently as they explore different shapes and colors. Furthermore, educational tasks can be done on the board such as spelling tests or math equations which help children develop important skills like problem-solving and motor coordination. The dry-erase board can even be used as an interactive entertainment tool by utilizing magnets or magnetic letters with it!

Important to Know

The Menzoke toddler car seat tray is an ideal choice for keeping your kids entertained during long road trips. It is specifically designed with kids in mind and features a strong, durable surface that can easily hold up to a variety of activities.

The tray itself is ergonomic and comfortable for them when they're playing drawing, writing, reading, or eating snacks.

It's also very easy to clean after meals - simply wipe down the surface and you’re good to go! All in all, the Menzoke toddler car seat tray is essential for allowing your children to keep occupied and have fun while on the move.

Best Car Seat Tray Made of Polyester

Tots Gear Car Seat Tray for Toddler 

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Why We Love It

The Tots Gear car seat tray for toddlers is an innovative product that offers parents a convenient and safe way to keep their children entertained in the car. This tray is made from durable polyester, making it lightweight and easy to clean. The material also allows for plenty of storage space for toys, snacks, or other items that toddlers may need during a long road trip or daily commute.

Polyester is a popular fabric choice due to its many practical benefits. It is resistant to shrinking, stretching, and fading which makes it ideal for use in car seat trays. It also has excellent water resistance and can be quickly dried if exposed to moisture. Additionally, this fabric is hypoallergenic so it won’t irritate sensitive skin while providing comfortable padding during long car rides.

Important to Know

The Tots Gear car seat tray for toddlers is designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience to parents and toddlers. It comes with adjustable straps, allowing you to adjust it so the tray fits securely in place.

Plus, its padded shoulder straps prevent your little one from slipping out of the seat during their ride. Not only does this keep them safe, but also allows them to stand up and reach for things on the tray when necessary.

Ultimately, these benefits make the Tots Gear car seat tray an ideal choice for parents who are looking for a safe and comfortable way for their toddlers to enjoy outings in the car.

Best Car Seat Tray with Adjustable Feature

Kenley Toddler Car Seat Tray 

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Why We Love It

When it comes to keeping your toddler safe and entertained during car rides, the Kenley toddler car seat tray is an ideal choice. This portable kids travel tray is designed for convenience and safety, making car trips much less stressful for both parents and children.

The benefits of this tray are clear from the start - its adjustable feature allows you to adjust the height and angle of the tray so that your child can enjoy their snacks or toys without having to reach far away. The adjustable feature ensures that your child is always comfortable in their seat, no matter how big or small they are. Not only that but it also makes it easy to fit larger items on the tray if needed!

Important to Know

The Kenley toddler car seat tray is an ideal choice for parents who want to give their children a safe, comfortable ride. It is constructed with phthalate-free materials that offer numerous benefits such as decreased toxicity and better environmental sustainability.

Not only that, but the traction-enriched design is also lead-free, adding an extra level of safety in the event of any spills or accidents. Best of all, the soft cushioning ensure that your child can enjoy a cozy ride without having to sacrifice comfort or convenience.

Best Car Seat Tray with Extra Storage Pockets

Menzoke Travel Tray for Toddler 

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Why We Love It

Traveling with a toddler can be challenging, especially when it comes to keeping them entertained while stuck in their car seat. The Menzoke travel tray for toddlers is the perfect solution for parents looking for an easy way to keep their children occupied on long journeys.

The tray features mesh pockets designed to hold snacks, books, toys, and any other little things your child may need during the trip. This innovative design allows parents to easily keep all of their toddler’s items organized and within reach – no more lost items or spilled food! Not only does this help make family trips more enjoyable, but it also teaches children important organizational skills that they can take with them as they grow older.

Important to Know

The Menzoke travel tray for toddlers is the perfect companion for keeping your small bundle of joy entertained and secure during your next family road trip. Not only does it come with a wider surface area to store snacks, bottles, plushes, or diapers, but it also benefits from having a faster response cooler cup holder that can keep juice and snacks neat and cool.

It also has an innovative iPad holder that allows you to keep young kids occupied during long car rides without worries about a flimsy set-up; equipped with strong magnets and straps that can adjust according to size.

The Menzoke travel tray for toddlers is undoubtedly the ideal on-the-go accessory for toddlers everywhere.


It can be hard to know if you're making the right decision when it comes to car seat trays for toddlers.

You want to make sure that your child is safe in the car, but you also want them to be comfortable and have a good time on long trips. It's hard to know which option is best for your family.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about car seat trays for toddlers so that you can make an informed decision. Our list includes information about different types of car seat trays to let you know every single detail about them.

What is a car seat travel tray for toddlers used for?

The car seat travel tray is used to keep toddlers entertained and fed while on long car trips. It provides a flat surface for them to eat or play on, and it attaches easily to most car seats. Some trays even have cup holders or pockets for storage.

How do I keep my 3-year-old in his car seat?

Make it a game.

Many kids love games, and if you can find one that will keep your child in his car seat, all the better. One option is to play counting games. For instance, start at 100 and count down as you drive. Or try singing nursery rhymes together. If your child is old enough, have him help buckle himself in and then give him a special toy or treat for staying put. Praise him when he does well, and be sure to model the behavior you want him to follow. With a little creativity and patience, you can find a game that will work for your child and keep him safe on every car ride.

Are kids' travel trays safe?

Yes, child's car seat travel trays are safe. Most of them are made out of food-grade silicone which is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material. It's also durable, easy to clean, and heat resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do you carry a tray in Montessori?

Carrying a tray in Montessori is an important part of a child’s education. It teaches them to move objects around without dropping or spilling them, and it provides the opportunity for independence and responsibility. To carry a tray in Montessori, children should be taught to use two hands with their elbows by their sides.

Why are tuff trays good for children?

Tuff trays are great for children because they provide a safe and contained area in which to play. The trays give children the freedom to explore, express themselves, and create without worrying about making a mess or spilling something. Plus, the walls of the tray keep toys from rolling away or getting lost.

Can I give my toddler something to sleep on the plane?

Yes, you can give your toddler something to sleep on the plane. There are special travel pillows and blankets designed specifically for use in airplanes that will help keep your child comfortable during nap time. Additionally, some parents opt to bring a car seat cushion or tray to provide an extra layer of comfort while they're flying.

What are Tinker trays?

Tinker trays are a great way for children to explore and experiment with objects. The tray has compartments of various sizes where kids can put different materials like wood pieces, shells, rocks, beads, or buttons. It encourages them to develop problem-solving skills while exploring the world around them.

What can I give my child to sleep on a plane?

You can give your child a travel pillow and blanket to keep them comfortable during nap time. Additionally, some parents opt to bring a car seat cushion or tray to provide an extra layer of comfort while they're flying. You could also bring along a favorite stuffed animal for added security.

What do flight attendants say about tray tables?

Flight attendants recommend that passengers keep their tray tables up until the seatbelt sign is switched off. This helps to ensure that all passengers have access to an emergency exit if needed, and also ensures safety during turbulence. Flight attendants also suggest that passengers keep their trays clear of items like laptops, purses, and other electronic devices during take-off and landing. Finally, flight attendants may suggest leaving the tray table down while sleeping to provide an exit.

Can I put my 3-year-old in a booster seat?

Yes, you can put your 3-year-old in a booster seat. Booster seats are designed to elevate the child and make them easier for the seat belt to properly fit around their body. It is important to note that children typically need to be at least 4 years old, weigh 40 pounds or more, and be able to sit without slouching before they can use a booster seat. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for details on weight and height requirements.

How long can a 3-year-old sleep in a car seat?

For safety reasons, a 3-year-old should not sleep in a car seat for extended periods of time. Generally speaking, it is advised that they only sleep in the car seat while the vehicle is in motion, and then be taken out of the car seat to rest or nap once they have stopped at your destination.

Can you feed baby milk in a car seat?

It is not recommended to feed baby milk in a car seat. While it may seem convenient, the bottles can spill and create a mess if the car hits bumps or makes sudden movements. Additionally, babies should typically be held upright when feeding which is difficult to do while in the car seat. If you need to feed your baby while traveling, try using an infant booster seat that can be secured to the car seat and allows the baby to sit more upright.

How do toddlers sleep in car seats?

Some families find that it works best to have their toddler sleep in the car seat during long car rides, while others find that it's more comfortable for their toddler to sleep in a car seat at home.

Some parents choose to put their toddler to bed in the car seat, and others choose to use the car seat as a place for their toddler to take occasional naps. There are pros and cons to both options, so it ultimately comes down to what works best for each individual family.

Can a baby sleep in the car seat if not in the car?

It is generally not recommended to have baby sleep in the car seat while not in the car. This is because infants should be kept at an angle of 45 degrees or less when sleeping, and car seats are designed for upright sitting positions.

Final Thoughts

A tray attached to your toddler’s car seat can make a world of difference on long road trips. These toddler car seat trays provide a flat, sturdy surface for toddlers to color, play with small toys, or eat snacks without making a mess. If you are looking for a quality car seat tray for your little one, be sure to check out our top car seat travel trays. With a variety of colors, styles, and features available, you are sure to find the perfect tray for your needs. Thanks for reading!