Are you looking for the best car seat cover to keep your seats free from fur, dirt, and accidents? Car seat covers for dogs provide a safe, secure, and comfortable ride for your four-legged friend while still keeping the interior of your car protected from dirt, hair, scratches, and more.

With so many covers out there it can be hard to determine which one is best. We've put together this review of the six best car seat covers for dogs that will keep your pup safe and cozy while providing full protection for your vehicle.

These top-rated picks give peace of mind knowing both Fido and your ride are fully taken care of! Plus they come in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, materials, and designs to suit any budget or lifestyle needs. From waterproof covers ideal for rainy days to extra durable ones perfect for long road trips – these products have got you covered!

How We Picked The Best Option

It can be hard to find a good car seat cover for dogs that fits well and is comfortable for your furry friend.

A lot of people think that just because they have a dog, they have to put up with a lot of hair and dirt in the car. Not only is this unsanitary, but it's also really uncomfortable for both you and your pup.

We've researched so that you don't have to and after going through a lot of options, we have chosen the 6 best dog car seat covers that will keep your car clean and your pup happy.

Best Dog Car Seat Cover That Comes With Heat Pressing Technology

Petproved Dog Car Seat Cover

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What We Love About It

The PetProved best dog seat cover with heat-pressing technology is making waves in the pet industry for its innovative approach to connecting fabrics. The innovative technology used to connect the fabrics of this seat dog cover eliminates the need for traditional stitching methods that can leave unsightly holes and gaps.

With no holes or gaps, this dog hammock for cars provides better water resistance and keeps liquids from leaking onto your car upholstery. This advanced technology creates a stronger bond between materials without compromising their integrity, ensuring durability over time.

There are no stitch holes, the fabric is less likely to fray or tear apart at the seams. The heat pressing method also allows for more intricate designs and patterns to be created on the surface of the fabric without disrupting its structure.

Things To Know

The Petproved dog car seat cover is an essential item for pet owners with its safety leash and storage bag, you can give your precious pup plenty of freedom and protection when out for a drive.

The Safety leash attaches directly to the car seat cover to keep your pet from escaping, while still allowing them enough slack to move around comfortably in the backseat. When not in use, the provided storage bag allows you to easily store it away until needed. Convenience and safety are both priorities with the Petproved dog car seat cover.

Best Car Seat Cover for Dogs That is Waterproof and Non-slip

Viewpets Car Seat Cover Protector

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What We Love About It

Viewpets has created a dog car seat cover that is both waterproof and non-slip. The waterproof capability of this dog car seat cover ensures that any spilled water or other liquids will not seep through to your car seats, which can cause unwanted stains or odors.

The non-slip mesh and side flaps ensure that your pet stays in place during any bumpy rides. The non-slip feature also ensures that your pet does not accidentally fall off or slip when getting in or out of the car. This product guarantees that both you and your furry friend can enjoy a comfortable ride without any worries or stress.

Things To Know

The Viewpets dog car seat cover not only does it protect your back seat from any messes your pet may make during the ride, but it is also useful for passengers too. This dog car seat cover can be used as a daily use rear seat cover to keep your back seat clean and free from any spills or stains.

Viewpets dog car seat cover is great because it offers you don't have to constantly switch between covers depending on whether or not you're traveling with your pet.

This multipurpose cover ensures that regardless of who's riding in the backseat, they'll be protected from mud, juice, or any other messes that could potentially ruin their clothes or stain the upholstery of your vehicle.

Best Dog Car Seat Cover With Adjustable Seat Belts & Headrest Straps

Yuntec Dog Car Seat Cover 

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What We Love About It

Yuntec dog car seat cover comes equipped with an adjustable seat belt and headrest straps. This ensures that your pets stay secure and comfortable throughout your journey. The adjustable headrest straps are a great addition to this pet car seat cover as they allow for customization according to your pet's size and preferences.

You can tighten or loosen them as needed, giving you complete control over how snugly secured your pets are during travel. The back seat cover for dogs also includes two adjustable seat belts that can be adjusted to an appropriate length based on your pet's size before buckling up securely into the rear seats of your vehicle.

Things To Know

The Yuntec dog car seat cover is considered an indispensable tool when it comes to protecting your car's interior with its scratch-proof design. This product ensures that your pet doesn't cause any damage to your car's interior while enjoying his ride. The hammock-style design of the Yuntec dog car hammock comes with side flaps that are specially designed to prevent pets from scratching the car doors.

This means that even if they get excited and start pawing at the windows or door handles, their claws won't leave any marks on your vehicle's surface. This innovative design also protects your pet from injury during sudden stops or sharp turns.

Best Dog Car Seat Cover With 5- Layer Durability & Protection

Mixjoy Dog Car Seat Cover 

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What We Love About It

Mixjoy dog car seat cover offers 5-layer durability & protection to keep your back car seat from being scratched, messed up, or getting dirty. No more worrying about pet hair, dirt, and debris getting into the seat - this cover is made of top-grade 630D oxford fabric that is highly durable and water-proof.

PVC waterproof coating adds an extra defense layer for any surprise messes on the go; in addition, 210D soft oxford fabric adds comfort for your dog, so even long road trips are no problem at all. The 100g soft cotton gives your pup a cozy space while paired with PVC non-slip backing will ensure that your pup stays put even over bumpy roads and sharp turns.

Things To Know

The Mixjoy dog car seat cover is a 4-in-1 product that can be easily converted from a bench car seat covers, a front seat cover, or a rear pet car seat cover, to a cargo liner style or camping placement style. This means that you don't have to worry about your pet or child not having enough room on the back seat – they can travel together safely and securely!

Plus, for added peace of mind, the car hammock also supports the installation of a child safety seat. With Mixjoy's innovative 4-in-1 Convertible Seat Cover, you'll have everything you need to keep your little one comfortable and secure during your travels.

Best Car Seat Cover for Dogs That is Easily Washable

Sevvis Car Seat Cover for Dogs

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What We Love About It

The Sevvis car seat cover for dogs is made from a durable, material that is also machine washable. This makes it easy to clean and maintain. When you have a dog, accidents are inevitable, and your car seat cover can quickly become stained and smelly. However, with this product, you don't have to worry about that anymore. The ability to wash it means that you can keep your car clean and smelling fresh at all times.

This makes cleaning even more convenient as you can simply throw it in the washing machine along with other laundry items. The cover will come out looking brand new every time without any damage or shrinkage.

Things To Know

The innovative design of the Sevvis car seat cover dog car seat cover includes a mesh breathing window that provides optimal air circulation for your pet. Not only does this ensure their comfort during travel, but it also helps to reduce anxiety and keep them calm as they can easily see and be near you.

The Sevvis dog car seat cover boasts multiple storage pockets that come in handy while on the go with your pet. These pockets provide ample space to store your pet's food, water, or toys within easy reach. Imagine playing their favorite video in the transparent pocket- it can make all the difference for a happy and content companion during travel.

Best Car Seat Cover for Dogs That Offers 3 Ways to Ride

Active Pets Car Seat Cover for Dogs

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What We Love About It

Active seat cover offers three ways to ride, making them suitable for use in cars, trucks, and SUVs. It functions as a cargo liner in the trunk, a rear seat protector, or as a dog hammock that provides full coverage in the back. You can use it as a cargo liner in the trunk of your car so that any dirt from your pup’s paws won’t damage your vehicle’s interior.

The rear seat protector mode is perfect for keeping fur and dirt off of your seat backs for a clean ride. The dog hammock mode provides full coverage in the back to ensure the safety of both you and your pup on any journey. By having these three options for riding, you never have to worry about not having enough space or there being too many distractions when you hit the road with a man’s best friend.

Things To Know

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a car seat cover for your dog is their safety while traveling. The Active seat cover comes with 4 heavy-duty headrest anchors and 2 seat anchors, this car seat cover ensures that your pet stays securely in place during even the bumpiest of rides.

The headrest anchors are strategically placed at four corners of the backseat, providing maximum support and stability for your dog's safety belt or harness. These anchors keep the cover from sliding around, ensuring that your pup stays safely positioned in its designated spot throughout the journey. The two-seat anchors provide additional security, anchoring the bottom of the cover into place so it stays put even when your dog moves around during travel.


It's hard to know which car seat cover is best for your dog.

There are a lot of different car seat covers on the market, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for your furry friend.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about car seat covers for dogs to help make your decision easier.

What is the best material for a seat cover for dogs?

The best material for a seat cover for dogs depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you are looking for something waterproof and easy to clean, then a synthetic fabric such as polyester or nylon is a great option.

These materials are durable, lightweight, and easy to wipe down with a damp cloth. Many of these fabrics come in a variety of colors and patterns so you can easily find the perfect seat cover for your pup.

Are dog seat covers worth it?

Absolutely! Dog seat covers are a great way to protect your car seats from dirt, mud, and other messes that can be caused by your pup. Not only do they protect your seats, but they also make them more comfortable for your dog and keep the interior of your car looking clean. 

Plus, many of these car seat covers are waterproof and machine-washable so you can easily keep them clean.

What is the safest seat for a dog in a car?

The back passenger seat is the best and safest place for your pup during a drive. This is because of crumple zones located in the front and most of a vehicle's protective airbags are located in the front as well. 

The back seat also creates a barrier between your pet and hazards that you may encounter on the road such as debris or fluids coming from other vehicles.

Is leather or cloth better for dogs?

leather is the better choice. It provides durability, is hypoallergenic, and is much easier to clean than cloth when dealing with those inevitable messes dogs are known to make.

Animal saliva and wet fur do not stand a chance against leather; all it takes is some soap and water for you to be able to easily keep leather accessories looking nice and smelling fresh. In comparison, the fabric absorbs moisture from pet saliva and can also retain odors like sweat over time

What should I look for in a dog car seat cover?

When looking for a dog car seat cover, you should consider a few key factors.

You should look for one that is made of durable material that can withstand your pet’s claws and other wear and tear. The cover should be waterproof to protect your car seats from any accidents or messes your pet may make. The cover should also fit snugly in your car’s backseat to ensure that it won’t slip off while driving.

Look for a cover with adjustable straps so that it can be secured to the headrests in the backseat.

How do I clean a pet car seat cover?

Cleaning a pet car seat cover is easier than you might think - the easiest way to keep it looking great is to give it a regular machine wash. Make sure you turn the cover inside out and use a mild detergent on a cold/gentle cycle so that you don't risk any damage. 

For tougher stains, try spot cleaning with a gentle eco-friendly solution or upholstery cleaner. It’s important to make sure that the cover is fully dry before putting it back in your car.

Are neoprene seat covers good for dogs?

Neoprene seat covers are a great option for pet owners who want to protect their car seats from dirt, dust, and fur. They are also water-resistant and easy to clean. Neoprene seat covers provide a comfortable surface for your dog to sit on and can help reduce the amount of hair that gets onto your car seats. They are also often more affordable than other types of seat covers.

Overall, neoprene seat covers can be a great choice for pet owners looking to keep their car seats clean and mess-free.

Do car seat covers keep dogs cool?

Yes, there are now car seat covers designed specially to keep your dog cool during road trips! These covers come with thick padding to ensure optimum comfort. Most also have a breathable mesh panel window strategically placed to ensure that your pup gets enough ventilation and stays cool throughout the journey.

What type of fabric is best for a pet seat cover in a car?

When choosing a fabric for a pet seat cover in a car, durability, and comfort should be the two main considerations. The best type of fabric for this purpose is a waterproof, heavy-duty polyester or canvas. 

These materials are strong enough to withstand wear and tear from claws and fur, while also providing breathability and comfort for your pet.

Are there any special requirements when choosing a car seat cover for my dog?

When you take into consideration the amount of fur, mud, water, and whatever else your four-legged companion tracks in, it's worth investing in a seat cover that is both comfortable and durable.

Take some time to shop around and read reviews on different brands to find one that best suits your needs. When you do finally decide on a car seat cover for your pup, make sure it is made of waterproof or water-resistant material.

Does the size matter when buying a dog car seat cover?

Yes, the size of a dog car seat cover does matter. The size should be appropriate for your pet so that it fits properly and securely. If the car seat cover is too big, it won't provide adequate protection for your pet or your car's upholstery. If the seat cover is too small, it may not fit properly and be uncomfortable for your pet.

How often should I replace a dog car seat cover?

It is recommended to replace a dog car seat cover every 6-12 months. This is because the cover may become worn or damaged over time due to regular use and exposure to dirt, pet hair, and other elements. If your dog is particularly active in the car or if you notice any signs of wear or damage on the cover, it’s best to replace it sooner rather than later.


Overall, the 6 best car seat covers for dogs are all great options for traveling with furry friends. Not only do these covers protect your car from fur and drool, but depending on the product chosen, many can also keep your pup safe from harm’s way.

Whether it’s a waterproof protector or a hammock-style woven fabric seat cover, each one will provide an extra layer of comfort and protection in the days to come. Each manufacturer develops their own unique set of features, so take note of what best suits you and your dog as you make your final decision.