Does your kid want to try archery but you don’t know where to start?

We understand that the market can be full of confusing models, and selecting a good youth bow and arrow set is an important decision. That’s why it’s essential to have access to expert advice when making this choice. This article will give you 7 key picks of the best bows and arrows available for kids - designed with quality materials in mind.

With our guidance, you can ensure they get the perfect bow suited specifically for their size, age, ability level, and goals- so they can build confidence while learning valuable new skills!

Our Process For Selecting These Products

It can be hard to know which bow and arrow for kids is the best fit for your child.

With all of the different brands, materials, and prices out there it is an obvious thing to worry about what's best for your child, but also whether or not they will enjoy using it.

We've researched for you! After testing out dozens of bows and arrows we've narrowed it down to the 7 best options on the market. Our list includes a variety of bows and arrows that are perfect for both beginners and experienced shooters.

Best Bow and Arrow That is Safe and Long Lasting

Faux Bow 4.0 Lizardite Bow and Arrow for Kids

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Why We Like This

The Faux bow 4.0 lizardite bow and arrow set is an amazing set that mixes fun, durability, and safety, providing a great experience to spark their imagination. The bow and arrows are designed with lightweight yet durable materials, ensuring your kid’s safety while playing. Forget about dull design bows; the impact foam tip arrows provide extra power, making it so much easier to hit targets with this set.

You don’t have to worry about losing arrows or any type of mess while they are playing; an added “bow tip quiver” will hold up to six arrows, making them portable and easy to use outdoors.

Plus, each set is suitable for children four years old and up! With a long-lasting structure that is completely resistant to weather conditions, you’re getting a superb quality product at an unbeatable price.

What You Should Know

The Faux bow 4.0 is the ultimate bow and arrow experience for kids. With its convenient spinning handle, kids can shoot and release their arrows faster than ever before.

One of its unique features is the lizardite grip which gives maximum comfort while using the bow and helps to make sure young archers maintain control over the aim of their arrows.

Additionally, this bow and arrow set comes with safety gear that includes a face mask to help protect children from flying arrows. The sleek new look provides an air of authenticity to elevate pretend playtime beyond what traditional foam blasters have offered in the past.

Best Bow and Arrow with Included Night LED Light

Temi 2 Pack Set Bow and Arrow for Kids

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Why We Like This

This Temi 2-pack set bow and arrow for kids is designed specifically with a family night twist – LED lights. The illuminating LEDs allow kids archers to enjoy shooting games in the dark.

Stick in two AA batteries, press the power button, and watch as their arrows glow in the night air! Not only does this kit have added safety when playing outdoors at night, but it also offers an exciting new way for family time.

Vibrant colors and an easy-to-use design make it simple for even beginners to begin honing their skills and developing confidence with every shot. With this amazing archery set children can aim for optimal target practice indoors or out – day or night.

What You Should Know

The Temi 2-pack set bow and arrow for kids is an excellent investment for kids interested in archery fun. This set features two main bow bodies, 20 suction arrows, two target boards, and two adjustable shoulder straps to make sure the quiver remains steady while aiming.

Each bow body is available in either blue or green, depending on your kid's preference. With an adjustable draw weight that fits up to 20 lbs., this set allows your child to practice shooting while improving their aim with accuracy.

Not only does the Temi bow and arrow provide an opportunity for a fun-filled game at a party or gathering, but also helps develops motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well!

Best Bow and Arrow with New Unique Upgrades

Britik Bow and Arrow for Kids 

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Why We Like This

Britik’s bow and arrow set is designed specifically for the kid's crowd and features some unique upgrades compared to typical options. Kids as young as four years old can now learn and master archery, thanks to this set's easy-draw design.

Pull back on the bowstring as far as necessary and, just like that, you have a perfectly drawn bow all ready for shooting. And you don't have to worry about it being too tricky—the build ensures that even small arms can easily draw back for just the right amount of tension.

Plus, its soft suction cup arrows make it safe for even very young kids to play without any worry of damage or injury.

What You Should Know

Britik's bow and arrow set comes with all of the essentials: one bow and arrow, two wristbands, 20 foam blaster darts, and a bull's eye target. Whether your family members are playing indoors or outdoors, they will have countless hours of fun honing their archery skills with this simple and easy-to-use bow and arrow set!

Plus, with additional sets available, you can surprise other family members in time for the holidays. Kids could practice archery at an early age with the help of this set and develop accurate shooting skills, hand-eye coordination, and collaboration skills and learn the importance of using sportsmanship on top of that.

Best Bow and Arrow That is Made of High-quality Non-toxic ABS Material

Nwestun Bow and Arrow for Kids

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Why We Like This

Nwestun bow and arrow for kids are made with high-quality, non-toxic ABS material, ensuring it's safe for your child to play with. It meets the US toy standards and has passed the rigorous safety test, so you can be sure that your child is playing safely when they use this toy.

The bow is easy to assemble and provides hours of fun. Your child will improve their hand-eye coordination as they shoot the arrow towards an object with perfect precision. And don't worry - they won't be using actual arrows as this set includes unique arrows with suction cups on the tips that are safer to use than traditional arrows.

What You Should Know

Kids' archery is a great way to help children improve their hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and confidence. With Nwestun’s bow and arrow set for kids, your tykes will have all the necessary tools they need to safely practice archery indoors or outside.

Not only is the bow adjustable based on height, but this set also comes with 6 foam targets and one plate target. These take gaming to a new level as they don’t just provide objectives that are simple to hit but also provide safe padding against any potential errant bullets.

Best Wooden Bow and Arrow with Illustrated Booklet

Island Genius Classic Bow and Arrow 

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Why We Like This

The Island genius classic wooden bow and arrow! Whether you’re looking for an activity to help your child build his or her confidence or something that will get them outdoors and active, this innovative toy set is made just for the job. The bow and arrow come crafted from solid wood, making them durable enough for day-to-day play.

This set also comes with an illustrated booklet that details the history of archery. New learners can pick up interesting facts about this ancient tool through the timeline, while older fans can brush up on their historical knowledge.

Go back in time as your family tries their hand at skeet shooting or target practicing, having a blast while building essential motor skills in an age-appropriate way. And then afterward, retreat indoors to learn more about its past with sweet illustrated stories.

What You Should Know

The Island's genius classic wooden bow and arrow bring the vintage sport of archery into the modern era. Its two rustic handmade bows, two wooden quivers, and 20 sturdy arrows with soft rubber tips make this set the perfect introduction to archery for kids.

Not only is it easy to learn how to shoot with accuracy, but it also provides hours of entertainment that encourages both skill-building and critical thinking. For kids who can’t get enough of shooting arrows and newbies at archery alike, this set provides endless amounts of fun.

Best Bow & Arrow That is Extremely Durable & Easy to Use

O Wowzon Fiberglass Bow & Arrow 

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Why We Like This

Wowzon fiberglass bow & arrow set is like no other on the market, thanks to its incredibly strong fiberglass construction and easy-to-use structure. Not only is it super durable, but it is also safe; the material is free of latex and phthalate so you can let the youngest members of your family join in the fun without worrying.

The wowzer fiberglass bow & arrow is made with a solid design that won’t be easily broken or deflected. Your children will love playing with it, practicing archery skills, or just having fun with friends in the yard during long summer days.

And bonus - you’ll find that assembling your new bow and arrow set is unbelievably simple. Firing arrows has never been easier - this bow will make you feel like a master archer in minutes!

What You Should Know

Wowzon fiberglass bow & arrow provides an exciting experience for both children and adults alike. Its unique design includes red and blue LED lights that are integrated into the arrows, giving off a brilliant glow that adds an extra level of fun when shooting in the evening or lower light conditions. Not only is this bow perfect for practicing archery skills.

It's also great for kids who want to get a taste of what it feels like to shoot something safely. Whether you're playing games with family or simply enjoying target practice with friends, this bow is guaranteed to bring hours of fun and excitement!

Best Bow and Arrow with Special Safety Design

Getatoy Bow and Arrow for Kids 

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Why We Like This

Getatoy bow and arrow for kids are exactly what kids need as they are designed with special safety features like durable lightweight foam tip arrows, this bow and arrow set guarantees safe shooting while still providing excellent range and power. And it’s incredibly quick and easy to use – just load the arrow in the bow, pull back, and release.

With its special features like arrow replacements, plus perfect accuracy for sticky targets like windows or other flat surfaces, your little one will love playing with the Getatoy bow and arrow for kids. So if your child loves outdoor fun with an added edge of excitement and adventure, this is the perfect product for them – it’s thrillingly safe.

What You Should Know

Getatoy's arrow and bow package provides all the necessary equipment to support thrilling adventures, including a bow and arrow, 20 foam blaster darts, two wristbands, and a bull's eye target. Not only does it contain everything needed for never-ending fun, but Getatoy's bow and arrow are also straightforward to operate.

This makes it perfect for both outdoor and indoor use - even on days when the weather may not be ideal. Designed with children in mind, this toy set is sure to bring hours of joyful playing to any family or friend group.


Archery is a great sport that can teach kids discipline, focus, and hand-eye coordination. However, it can be difficult to know which bow and arrow set is right for your child.

We have compiled a list of FAQs about the best bow and arrow sets for kids. Our list includes information about the different types of bows and arrows available.

What is the best bow and arrow for kids?

The best bow and arrow for kids depends on the age of the child and the purpose of use. For younger children, a toy bow and arrow set is ideal since it is designed to be safe for kids to play with. These sets are usually made of plastic or foam and come with suction cup arrows and arm guards that won't cause any harm if they hit someone.

Some of the best bow and arrows for kids are the Island bow and arrow set, Getatoy bow and arrow, Wowzon bow and arrow, Led light up bow and arrow with arrow quiver and bear archery, and Youth compound bow and arrow which is the main bow and arrow in National Archery in Schools Program.

What size bow for kids?

When choosing a bow for kids, the size will depend on the age of the child and their intended use. For younger children, a smaller bow is recommended due to their lack of strength and coordination. A recurve bow with a low draw weight of between 8-12 pounds and a great draw length is suitable for kids aged 5-10 years old. Older children may be able to handle a compound bow with a draw weight between 15-25 pounds.

Is a lighter or heavier bow better?

It depends on the type of bow and the purpose for which it is being used. A lighter bow is better for target shooting, as it requires less strength to draw back the string and will result in more accurate shots.

On the other hand, a heavier bow is better suited for hunting, as it provides more power and accuracy at greater distances. Additionally, a heavier bow may be easier to handle in windy conditions due to its increased stability.

Does bow height matter?

Yes, bow height does matter. The correct bow height is essential for playing your instrument correctly and comfortably. When the bow is too high or too low, it can cause strain on the arm and wrist, which can lead to injury over time. It can also affect the sound you produce when playing as a lower bow will create more of a scratchy sound whereas a higher bow will create a smoother tone. Generally, the ideal bow height should be around 2-3 cm off the string when held perpendicular to the bridge.

What are good starter arrows?

When it comes to choosing good starter arrows, the first thing to consider is what type of archery you are interested in. If you are just beginning and looking for an affordable option, aluminum arrows are a great choice. They are lightweight, and durable, and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Additionally, they can be used with most bows on the market.

Does eyesight matter in archery?

Yes, eyesight does matter in archery. Having good vision is important for aiming accurately and consistently. Poor eyesight can make it difficult to spot the target from a distance and to align your body correctly with the target. It can also be difficult to judge distances accurately if you have poor vision.

Which is a better compound or recurve bow?

It depends on the individual's needs and preferences.

A compound bow is a modern type of bow that uses a system of pulleys and cables to bend the limbs. This allows for more efficient energy transfer, resulting in greater accuracy and longer distances when shooting.

On the other hand, a recurve bow has been used for centuries and is still popular today. It does not have any mechanical parts or pulleys but instead relies on the archer’s strength to draw back the string.

What is a common mistake in archery?

One of the most common mistakes in archery is not following through with the shot. This means that after releasing the arrow, many archers tend to drop their bow arm or move away from the target too soon. Doing this can cause the arrow to veer off course, resulting in an inaccurate shot.

Is archery a skill or a talent?

Archery is both a skill and a talent. It involves a combination of physical and mental abilities that must be developed over time. On the physical side, archery requires good hand-eye coordination, strength, and accuracy to hit the target. On the mental side, it requires focus and concentration ordetocurately and making adjustments as needed.

Which bow is best for self-defense?

When it comes to self-defense, the best bow for the job is a compound bow. Compound bows are designed with a pulley system that allows them to store more energy than traditional bows, allowing arrows to travel farther and faster. This makes them ideal for self-defense because they can deliver more power in a shorter amount of time.

What is the most important skill in archery?

The most important skill in archery is the focus. The ability to remain focused on the target and tune out distractions is vital for success in archery. When shooting, it's important to take a few deep breaths and relax before aiming. This helps to clear your mind and maintain focus on the target.

Why do archers keep both eyes open?

Archers keep both eyes open when shooting for a few different reasons. The main reason is that it helps with depth perception and accuracy. With both eyes open, the archer can better estimate the distance to their target and adjust their aim accordingly. Additionally, having two eyes open allows the archer to better track their arrow’s trajectory as it flies through the air. This can help them make further adjustments if necessary and also provide feedback on how they are shooting.

What are 5 facts about archery?

1. Archery has been around for centuries and is believed to have originated in the Stone Age. It was used for hunting, warfare, and sport.

2. Archery is a sport that requires great skill and precision. It involves using a bow to shoot arrows at a target from a set distance away.

3. There are a variety of different styles of archery including traditional, instinctive, freestyle, barebow, and compound archery.

4. Archery is an Olympic sport and has been part of the Summer Games since 1972.

5. Archery can be enjoyed by people of all ages as there are different levels of difficulty to suit everyone’s needs and abilities.

Are shorter bows faster?

Yes, shorter bows are generally faster than longer bows. This is because a shorter bow has less mass and inertia, allowing it to be drawn back more quickly and released with greater speed. A shorter bow is easier to maneuver and aim due to its reduced size. This makes it ideal for hunters who need to quickly draw their bow and take an accurate shot in a short amount of time.

Final Thought

Overall, if you’re in the market for a bow and arrow set for your child, this list of seven great picks is sure to give you an idea of what to look for when making your final decision. It’s important to assess your child’s age and development level to make an appropriate selection.

Furthermore, pay close attention to the quality of the product and whether or not it meets safety standards for kids. If a bow and arrow set does meet these standards and fits within your budget, then it could be a great gift that will provide hours of fun as well as some minor physical activity that can help improve coordination skills.