Looking for books to read with your 5-year-old? We've got you covered! Our list of the best books for this age group will keep your child entertained for hours on end. From picture books to chapter books, we've got something for everyone.

Your child will love diving into a world of imagination and adventure with these great books. With exciting stories, colorful and vibrant illustrations, these books are sure to captivate your child's attention. So get ready to enjoy some good reading time together!

How We Selected These

It's not easy to find the best books for 5-year-olds. You want to make sure that your child is reading age-appropriate material, but you also don't want to overwhelm them with too many choices.

With so many different books on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are appropriate for your child. Not only do you have to worry about the level of difficulty, but you also need to consider the content and themes of each book.

We've done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the 7 best books for 5-year-olds. These books are perfect for children who are just starting to read on their own, and they cover a variety of different topics and genres.

Best Book For Kids That Includes 12 Mini-Books Featuring Short and Long Vowel Sounds

Pinkalicious 12-Book Phonics

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Reasons to Adore it

This product is perfect for your little one who is just learning to read! The Pinkalicious 12-Book Phonics Fun set includes twelve mini-books featuring short and long vowel sounds. Each book is full of fun illustrations and simple text that your child will love. As they read along, they'll start to build their phonics skills and confidence. This set is the perfect way to help your child learn to read, and have fun doing it!

Important to Know

The Pinkalicious 12-Book Phonics Fun box set is a great way for kids to learn how to read while also having fun with the popular character Pinkalicious. Each of the twelve short full-color books included in the set features repeated examples of short and long vowel sounds and common sight words.

The simple stories are designed to teach kids how to master reading, and the bright illustrations will keep them engaged. Additionally, the books are stored in a handy carrying case, making them easy to take on the go. This book set is a great resource that will help your children master reading while also enjoying some quality time with Pinkalicious.

Best Set of 4 - Stories About a Hidden Tree House In The Woods

Magic Tree House Boxed 

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Reasons to Adore it

Take your child on amazing adventures with the Magic Tree House Boxed Set of 4. This set includes four exciting books that will transport your child to different times and places. In Dinosaurs Before Dark, your child will visit the time of the dinosaurs and learn all about these fascinating creatures. The Knight at Dawn takes your child back to the time of knights and castles, where they will learn about chivalry and heroism. Mummies in the Morning takes your child to ancient Egypt, where they will learn about mummies and pyramids. Pirates Past Noon takes your child on a pirate adventure, where they will learn about life on the high seas. These books are sure to ignite your child's imagination and sense of adventure. Order the Magic Tree House Boxed Set of 4 today!

Important to Know

Magic Tree House is a series of historical fiction books written by American author Mary Pope Osborne. The series centers on the siblings Jack and Annie, who uses a magic tree house to travel to different parts of the world and time periods. The first four books in the series were recently republished in a boxed set, with full-color illustrations throughout. This is a great life lesson for children who are graphic novel fans or reluctant beginning readers, as the artwork brings the story to life in a way that black-and-white text cannot. In addition, the new edition includes updated maps and facts about each of the locations featured in the books. Whether you are introducing a child to the Magic Tree House series for the first time or reintroducing yourself to these classic adventures, the new boxed set is sure to be a hit.

Best Book That Delights Dinosaur Fans

How to Catch a Dinosaur Book 

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Reasons to Adore it

Dinosaurs have always been a source of fascination for young children. They are big, they are scary, and they are extinct! What could be more exciting than learning all about these incredible creatures?

The How to Catch a Dinosaur Book is the perfect introduction to the world of dinosaurs. Kids will learn all about different types of dinosaurs, where they lived, what they ate, and how they became extinct. This book is packed with fun facts and stunning illustrations that will capture your child's imagination.

This book is the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of dinosaurs. With its engaging text and spectacular illustrations, this book will quickly become a favorite in your home.

Important to Know

How to Catch a Dinosaur is a unique and humorous picture book that will have parents, younger readers, dinosaur lovers, and educators roaring with laughter. This STEAM-themed book blends hilarity and clever chaos while teaching young readers about the science behind catching a dinosaur.

Through simple and humorous text, beginner readers will learn about the tools and techniques needed to catch their very own dinosaur. With bright and colorful illustrations, this book is sure to capture the attention of early readers and adults alike. Whether you are looking for a funny and educational book for your child or looking to add some humor to your classroom, How to Catch a Dinosaur is the perfect book for you!

Best Book About The Bear Who Teaches Children About The Power of Hope

Googles Story

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Reasons to Adore it

Goggles: The Bear Who Dreamed of Flying is the perfect book for curious kids who need a little reminder to never give up on their dreams. The sweet story follows a young bear who loves to daydream about adventures in the sky. One day, Goggles decides to take the plunge and build himself a pair of wings. Though his friends and family are skeptical at first, Goggles' never-say-die attitude proves that with enough hope and determination, anything is possible. The book includes gorgeous illustrations that will keep little ones engaged from start to finish. Whether your child is an aspiring aviator or just needs a reminder to stay positive, This book is sure to become a treasured favorite.

Important to Know

Goggles: The Bear Who Dreamed of Flying is a beautiful picture book that will appeal to both children and adults. The illustrations are gorgeous, and there are hidden surprises for children throughout the book. The story is about a bear who dreams of flying, and it's very heartwarming. This is a great book to read aloud to young children, and they will absolutely love it.

Best Book Filled with Zany traps, STEAM Concepts, Silly Rhymes

How to Catch a Unicorn Book

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Reasons to Adore it

Are you looking for a new and magical book for your child? Look no further than How to Catch a Unicorn! This book is filled with zany traps, STEAM concepts, and silly rhymes, making it the perfect choice for any imaginative child.

As the title suggests, How to Catch a Unicorn is all about catching the elusive creatures. But these aren't just any old unicorns- they're rainbow unicorns! Your child will love learning about the different ways to catch each one. They'll also have a blast setting up their own traps and trying to catch a unicorn of their own.

Not only is this book a ton of fun, but it's also educational. Kids will learn about things like physics and engineering while they're playing. And they won't even realize they're learning! That's because they'll be too busy laughing at the silly rhymes and illustrations.

Important to Know

Children will be thrilled to follow along with Zara and her friends as they go on a hunt for a real unicorn. With beautiful illustrations and an exciting story, this book is sure to become a bedtime favorite. Along the way, Zara and her friends learn a valuable lesson about teamwork and friendship. They also discover that unicorns are not always easy to catch! This book is the perfect way to introduce young children to the magical world of unicorns.

Best Book To Expand Vocabulary

Word Search Book

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Reasons to Adore it

Do your kids love finding hidden treasures? Then they'll love our new Word Search Book! With hours of puzzle fun, they'll be sharpening their minds while they search for words hidden in grids of letters. They'll never get bored with this book because there are tons of different puzzles to solve. And as they search for words, they'll be expanding their vocabularies too!

Important to Know

If you are looking for a fun and challenging activity for your child, a word search book may be just what you need. These books typically contain a variety of puzzles, with each one increasing in difficulty. This allows your child to gradually improve their skills as they work through the book. Additionally, a word search book can help to improve your child's problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. As they search for hidden words, they will also be practicing their attention to detail. And, of course, these books are also a great way to encourage your child to read more.

Best Book that Helps Kids Cope with Emotions and Changes

New House, Same Underwear Book

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Reasons to Adore it

The New House, Same Underwear Book is designed to help kids cope with the emotions and changes that come with life, like moving to a new house.

This book is filled with fun illustrations and simple text that children will love. The book follows the adventures of a young boy as he moves to a new house and discovers that his underwear has gone missing!

With the help of his new friends, the boy sets out to find his missing underwear. Along the way, he learns about some of the emotions that come with moving to a new place.

The New House, Same Underwear Book is the perfect way to help your child deal with the stresses of moving. It's also a great way to introduce them to some of the positive aspects of change.

Important to Know

New House, Same Underwear is a children's book that reassures children that their feelings are normal and manageable. The book follows the hilarious story of a family who moves to a new house and the challenges that come with it. The family members all have different ways of dealing with the move, and the book ultimately shows that there is no right or wrong way to deal with change.

The book is written in an accessible and engaging way, and it includes illustrations that help to bring the story to life. The book has been praised by reviewers for its ability to help children understand and cope with change.


It can be hard to know which books are appropriate for a 5-year-old, and even harder to know which books will be the right fit for your child.

With so many different books on the market, it's no wonder that parents feel overwhelmed when it comes time to choose a book for their five-year-old. It seems like every other week a new book is released that is supposedly perfect for kids this age.

We've created this FAQs page to help make the process of choosing a book easier for you. Our selection of books has been carefully curated and is tailored to meet the needs of 5-year-olds.

What books should you read to a 5-year-old?

It's important to choose books that are age-appropriate and that also have positive qualities that you want your child to emulate. A good book for a 5-year-old should be well written, with engaging characters and an interesting plot. It should also teach something positive, such as how to deal with difficult situations or how to be a good friend.

Some of the best books are New House Same Underwear Book, Word Search Book, and Bob Books.

Should a 5year old be able to read?

Yes, most 5-year-olds are able to read. Reading proficiency at this age depends on a number of individual factors, such as cognitive development, exposure to reading materials, and language skills. However, with the right instruction and support, most 5-year-olds can learn to read.

What phonics should a 5-year-old know?

A phonics program should be designed to help children become literate by teaching them the correspondence between letters and sounds. A good phonics program will also help children develop a strong foundation for reading skills.

Here are some of the phonics skills that a 5-year-old should know:

-The alphabet with letter names and sounds

-Blends (e.g., "bl" as in "black")

-Digraphs (e.g., "th" as in "that")

-Trigraphs (e.g., "igh" as in "high")

-Final consonant sounds (e.g., "-ink" as in "think")

How long should a 5-year-old read?

The amount of time a 5-year-old should read each day depends on the child's reading level and ability. However, a good goal for most 5-year-olds is to read for 30 minutes per day.

Some parents choose to start their children on phonics lessons at a young age, and this can also help them develop their reading skills sooner. But it's important not to push children too hard when it comes to reading, as doing so can actually have the opposite effect and make them dislike reading.

How do I start reading my 5-year-old?

Start by reading to your 5-year-old from children's books that are interesting and exciting for both of you. You might also want to start by reading books that are at your child's reading level.

It's important to make time each day for reading aloud and to continue this habit as your child gets older. Be sure to discuss the stories with your child, asking questions about the characters and what they did in the story.

At what level should a 5-year-old be reading?

The level at which a 5-year-old should be reading depends on their reading ability. Some 5-year-olds will be able to read books meant for children older than them, while others will still be working on basic phonics and sight words.

A good way to determine if a child is ready to read chapter books is to look at their writing ability. If they are able to write simple sentences with proper grammar, then they are likely ready to read chapter books.

How many sight words should a 5-year-old know?

A 5-year-old should know about 300 sight words.

Sight words are the most common English words that are not typically spelled phonetically, so they must be learned by sight. Teaching a child to read often starts with teaching them these common words first, so that they can begin to read simple sentences.

The list of sight words can vary depending on the curriculum or program used, but some of the most common ones include: I, a, the, it, me, my, is, was/were, you, do/does/did.

Why you should read to your child every night?

There are many reasons why reading to your child every night is a good habit to get into. Here are a few of them:

1. It helps improve language and communication skills.

2. It helps promote literacy skills.

3. It helps foster a love of reading and books.

4. It can help provide emotional support and comfort.

How do I test my 5-year-old child's IQ?

There are a few different ways to test a 5-year-old's IQ. One way is to use an intelligence quotient (IQ) test, which measures a person's reasoning, problem-solving, and verbal skills.

Another option is to use a developmental assessment tool, such as the Denver II Developmental Screening Test. This test can measure cognitive skills, communication abilities, physical abilities, and social/emotional development in children ages 2.5 to 6 years old.

Should a 5-year-old be able to write their name?

Yes, most 5-year-olds should be able to write their name. The ability to write one's name typically indicates that a child has developed the fine motor skills necessary for writing. Most 5-year-olds have typically mastered these skills, but there is always some variability depending on the child's development and abilities.

How can I teach my 5-year-old to read words?

One way to help your 5-year-old learn to read words is by reading stories to them and then asking them questions about the story. For example, you can ask them to point to specific objects in the pictures and then say the word aloud. You can also quiz them on sight words she's been practicing.

Another way to help your child learn to read words is by playing games that involve identifying objects and then saying the word aloud. For instance, you can make a game out of hiding objects around the house and having your child identify them by saying the name of the object.

What can I teach my 5-year-old at home?

You can teach your 5-year-old about reading by reading to them every day. Reading stimulates the imagination and helps children learn new words. It also teaches them how stories are structured and foster a love of books.

How high can 5-year-olds count?

If a child is at this age, they are very likely able to count up to twenty or more. They learn and gain experience with numbers through counting activities both in school and at home.

What can I teach my 5-year-old at home?

One fun and easy activity you can do with your 5-year-old is to teach them about their five senses. Have them name each of their five senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling), and then ask them a question about each one.

Wrap Up

If you are looking for a great book to read to your 5-year-old, one of the books on our list would be perfect. We have highlighted some of our favorites, but there are many more wonderful books waiting to be discovered. What is your child’s favorite book? Let us know in the comments below.