Stop intruders from entering your home with a barking dog alarm system!

Home security is more important than ever and having an alarm system that emits a realistic barking dog noise can be just what you need to deter burglars. With so many different options available, including electronic barking dog alarm models and DIY systems, we’ve compiled our top 7 picks for the best barking dog alarm systems that make use of this powerful sound.

You don't have to worry about false alarms anymore; these systems are designed to provide maximum protection for your home when it counts most. Plus, the sound of a barking dog can come in handy if you're away on vacation or business trips - making sure no one will get near your house without being warned first!

Our Process For Selecting These Products

You may be asking yourself, do I really need a barking dog alarm?

With crime on the rise, it's more important than ever to take steps to protect your home and family. A barking dog alarm is one of the most effective ways to deter burglars and keep your loved ones safe.

We know that choosing the right barking dog alarm can be tricky, so we've done all the hard work for you. We've compiled a list of the 7 best barking dog alarms for security, based on features, price, and customer reviews.

Best Dog Barking Motion Sensor with 3 Different Working Modes

Hulppre Dog Barking Motion Sensor 

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What We Like About It

Introducing the Hulppre dog barking motion sensor – the ultimate solution to control your pet's disturbances. Now you have full control over how your barking dog alarm device operates thanks to its 3 different working modes.

Firstly, mode 1 allows for 24 hours of a dog barking, gunshots,s and flashing. It is suitable in case of a wild-natured pet or to keep away unwelcome visitors from your property. Secondly, mode 2 provides night dog barking, shotgun, and flashing as well as enabling you to take a much-needed rest at night without disruption.

Thirdly, mode 3 gives cyclic dog barking every 5 minutes during the night making it perfect for general safety purposes around your home.

Important Things To Know

The Hulppre dog barking motion sensor is an important tool for ensuring the safety of your dog and your home. Its motion sensor detects barking dogs up to 15 meters away, allowing you to easily detect intruders or potential dangers.

It is also designed with both solar and USB charging capabilities, so you never have to worry about running out of charge even during those long, rainy days when solid sunlight can be hard to come by. With this amazing product, you can keep an eye on your pet while also providing improved security for your home.

Best Barking Dog Alarm with Long-Range Remote Control

Streetwise Barking Dog Alarm 

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What We Like About It

Keep your home and loved ones safe with the Streetwise barking dog alarm with long-range remote control. The Streetwise barking dog alarm is a wireless security system that uses microwave signals to detect movement up to 10 feet away, even through walls and other obstructions.

A loud alarm sounds when motion is detected, providing you with an extra layer of protection against intruders. And with the included 50+ foot range remote control, you can easily arm and disarm the alarm from any point in your home. The Streetwise barking dog alarm is a simple yet reliable solution for increasing your home security.

Important Things To Know

The Streetwise barking dog alarm is an innovative security device that helps you safeguard your home. It emits the sound of a barking dog when triggered which can startle intruders and provide added peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

This product is especially versatile with both an AC adapter (included) and 3 AA batteries (not included) to power it. With its sleek design and small size (measuring 6 x 5.75 x 3.75 inches), this alarm is sure to fit nicely in any home while providing robust protection.

Best Barking Dog Alarm with Eight Volume Levels

Generic Barking Dog Alarm

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What We Like About It

Introducing the perfect tool for home security: the Generic motion detector barking dog alarm! This cutting-edge device is designed to help keep your family safe and secure. With its innovative motion detection technology, it will detect movement within 30 feet of the detector, emitting a loud barking sound that will help ward off intruders.

Eight volume levels give you maximum coverage and protection of up to 120dB, so you can relax knowing your home is safeguarded from unwanted visitors.

It's time to say goodbye to traditional burglar alarms! With eight volume levels of up to 120dB sounds, you can be sure that with a generic motion detector barking dog alarm you're covered day or night and feeling safe all times of the year making it an imperative purchase for keeping your family secure in today’s modern world.

Important Things To Know

The Generic motion detector barking dog alarm is an ideal choice for keeping your home secure. Ideal for front doors, hallways, window frames, driveways, walking paths, and anywhere in your home you want to be alerted to motion, it is a great way to provide peace of mind and improved safety within the home.

Not only that but buyers have the assurance of friendly customer service and a one-year warranty so they can buy with confidence. Investing in this product is sure to be worth it given its range of features and superior quality.

Best Dog Barking Alarm with High-quality Motion Sensor Lamp

keeda Solar Security Dog Barking Alarm

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What We Like About It

Introducing keeda solar security dog barking alarm, your complete solution for keeping you and your home safe! Not only are these alarms powered by the sun, but their motion sensor technology makes for some of the most reliable security on the market.

Each lamp operates on a 400mAh rechargeable battery, meaning you can get 8-10 hours of power from one solar charge – or up to 3 months of standby time – so you never have to worry about your alarm running out of power again! Plus, this device’s sleek design adds a stylish touch to any space!

Ensure that you and your home are secure with the keeda solar security dog barking alarm. With its high-quality motion sensor technology, your security is unparalleled and the quick recharge time ensures that you’re always protected.

Important Things To Know

The Keeda solar security dog barking alarm could be a great addition to your security system. It features a sensitive motion sensor with an angle of 125°, it is able to detect any movement within 5-8 meters and activates both a sound light alarm as well as a bright strobe of 6 LED lights.

An impressive 129 decibels will play loudly when triggered - it sounds like gunshots and barking dogs! This alarm can offer much-needed peace of mind and protection for farms, households, and businesses alike.

Best Dog Barking Alarm with 1000 FT Range

Generic Dog Barking Alarm

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What We Like About It

Introducing the Generic motion detector dog barking alarm, your best defense against unwanted guests! This high-quality alarm sends out an alert as soon as it detects motion within 1000 feet of the unit.

An animal-like bark is enough to startle any intruder and send them running! Plus, its long-range transmission makes it incredibly easy to place in just the right spot. Protect what matters most with this reliable and effective home companion.

The generic motion detector dog barking alarm is ideal for those who want extra peace of mind while they’re away from home. Its 1000-foot range will detect any presence in restricted areas before they grow into bigger issues.

Whether you’re looking for greater security in public places or simply keeping an eye on your children’s whereabouts, rest assured that this robust motion detector has everything covered.

Important Things To Know

The Generic motion detector dog barking alarm is an incredibly versatile and reliable alarm system. It has 8 different doorbell ring chimes, 3 dog barking sounds, one general alarm sound, one welcome sound, one ding dong sound, and two melodies, ranging from multiple volumes all the way to 110db maximum.

Installing this motion detector dog barking alarm is beneficial for any home or business as it is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and is able to detect movement up to 20 feet away.

Best Dog Barking Alarm Motion Detector That Comes with Multiple Possibilities

S Seldorauk Dog Barking Alarm

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What We Like About It

Keep your home secure with the S Seldorauk dog barking alarm motion detector. This convenient and reliable motion detector is equipped with multiple possibilities for tailoring to your security needs.

Ready to go right out of the box, you can choose N Sensors + N Receivers depending on the area where you need to be protected. With this motion detector's features, you'll be able to guarantee maximum protection in any situation.

The components are factory paired, so you never have to worry about making every connection yourself. Plus, you can choose however many sensors and receivers you need to get the level of protection you’re looking for.

Important Things To Know

The Seldorauk dog barking alarm motion detector is an incredibly convenient tool for every home. Not only is it easy to install, sporting a hanging hole on its back that can be hung on virtually any type of wall or desktop, but the detector is also powered either by battery or DC 5V, making it truly hassle-free to start using.

With its simple installation and effective detection capabilities, this reliable alarm system can be a great deterrent for keeping your home and property safe and secure.

Best Alarm for Dog Barking That is Waterproof

Generic Driveway Alarm for Dog Barking 

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What We Like About It

Introducing the Generic driveway alarm for dog barking: the ultimate security system! Easily monitor any outdoor area with this reliable, waterproof device. The innovative waterproof build ensures this product will stand up to all kinds of weather, so you can trust it to keep watch in any climate.

Place the motion-activated sensors on a wall, fence post, tree, or another surface to detect movement and barking near your premises. Get peace of mind knowing that you’ll be notified anytime there’s a disturbance - no matter how small it may be. The Generic driveway alarm is great for both residential and commercial use. Keep an eye on your home, office, garage, or shopping mall.

Important Things To Know

The Generic driveway alarm for dog barking is a must-have device if you are looking to keep your furry friend safe while you're away. This product has advanced anti-interference technology and 256 digital codes for setting, so there won't be any interference with your neighbors' doorbells.

It will alert you when your dog barks, letting you know right away that your pet might need assistance or protection. With the security of this alarm in place, you can finally feel relaxed knowing that even if you're not around, your four-legged buddy is taken care of.


People are often hesitant to buy a barking dog alarm because they don't know enough about them.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about barking dog alarms. Some people think that they only work outdoors, or that they only scare away criminals.

Our FAQs page will answer all of your questions about the different types of barking dog alarms available, how they work, and what you can expect from them.

What is a barking dog alarm?

A barking dog alarm is an electronic security system designed to protect homes and businesses from intruders. It works by emitting a loud, high-pitched sound that mimics the bark of a large guard dog. 

The dog warning sign is triggered when motion is detected in the vicinity of the alarm, and can be set to go off for a specified period of time or until manually turned off. The barking noise serves as a deterrent to potential burglars, as they may believe that there is an actual guard dog present on the premises.

Can I use a barking dog alarm if I have dogs already?

Yes, you can use a barking dog alarm if you have dogs already. This type of alarm is designed to mimic the sound of a real barking dog in order to deter intruders from entering your home. It is also helpful in alerting you when someone is on your property and can be used as an additional layer of security.

How do you control a barking alarm?

Controlling a barking alarm can be a challenge, but there are a few strategies you can use to help manage the issue.

First, it’s important to identify the cause of the barking. If it’s an intruder, then you should consider installing additional security measures such as motion-activated lights or cameras. 

If the barking is caused by something else, such as a pet or other noise outside, then you may need to adjust the sensitivity settings on your alarm system. Second, if possible, try to train your pet not to bark when they hear the alarm.

Do barking alarms scare dogs?

Yes, barking alarms can scare dogs. Dogs are very sensitive to loud noises, so the sound of a barking alarm can be startling and even frightening for them. This is especially true if the dog has not been exposed to this type of noise before or if it is particularly loud.

Where to Install a barking dog alarm?

Installing a barking dog alarm is an effective way to deter potential intruders. The most important thing to consider when deciding where to install the alarm is how close it needs to be to your home. Ideally, you should place the alarm at least 10-15 feet away from your house so that it can detect any activity near the perimeter of your property.

Once you have determined where you want to install the alarm, make sure that it is securely attached with screws or bolts and that it is not easily accessible by anyone other than yourself.

Do barking dog alarms work?

Yes, barking dog alarms can be effective in deterring potential intruders. These barking dog alarm devices are designed to imitate the sound of a large, aggressive dog barking and can be used either as an audible deterrent or in conjunction with a home security system.

Which is better CCTV or a barking alarm?

A barking alarm is the better option when it comes to home security. This is because it provides an immediate and loud deterrent to any potential intruders, alerting you and your neighbors of a possible break-in. 

With a CCTV system, you won't be alerted until after the fact, meaning there's less of a chance of catching the intruder in the act or recovering stolen items.

Is it worth having a barking dog alarm?

Having a barking dog alarm can be an effective way to deter potential intruders. The sound of a barking dog is often enough to scare away trespassers, and it can alert you if someone is trying to enter your property. Additionally, having a barking dog alarm can provide peace of mind and give you the assurance that your home is secure.

How long does a barking dog alarm last?

The type of system also affects how long the alarm will last. For example, some wired systems require manual resetting after each activation, so they may only last for a few seconds or minutes at most before needing to be manually reset again. Wireless systems, however, can continue sounding until they are shut off remotely or manually disabled.

What is the most popular alarm system?

The most popular alarm system is the ADT Security System. It is a professionally installed home security system that provides 24/7 monitoring and protection against burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, and medical emergencies. ADT also offers a range of additional features such as motion sensors, video surveillance, and wireless remote control access.

How can I protect my house without a security system?

Home security doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. One of the simplest and most effective ways to protect your home without a security system is to make sure all of your doors and windows are locked at all times. Installing deadbolts on exterior doors and locks on windows can provide an extra layer of protection against intruders.

Additionally, you can add motion-sensor outdoor lights around the perimeter of your home. This will help deter potential burglars as well as alert you if someone is trying to enter your property.

What are the different types of home alarms?

Home alarms come in a variety of types, and the best system for you will depend on your needs.

One type of home alarm is a monitored security system. This type of system is connected to a central monitoring station that can alert the police or fire department if an alarm is triggered.

Another type of home alarm is an unmonitored security system. This type of system uses sensors to detect motion or other suspicious activity and triggers a loud siren when an alarm is triggered.

Finally, there are also wireless security systems that use radio signals to communicate with sensors around the house.

What is a security alarm system?

A barking dog security alarm is a system designed to detect unauthorized entry into a property or area. It typically consists of sensors that detect motion, doors, windows that are opened, and other points of entry.

When an intruder is detected, the system will sound an audible alarm and/or notify the appropriate authorities. Security alarm systems can also be used to monitor fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide levels in a home or building.

What is the main purpose of barking dog alarms?

The purpose of these alarms is to provide an extra layer of protection for homeowners by making it seem as though there is an actual dog present in the home. By emitting a realistic and loud bark, these alarms can scare away potential burglars and other criminals who may be targeting the property.


After going through all seven of the barking dog alarms for security, it is clear that there are plenty of options to choose from and the right one will depend on your individual needs. From the basic sounds of traditional guard dogs' random barking to those that can pack a wallop of sound waves, you cannot go wrong with any of these.

Whether you want something very basic or have more extravagant plans in mind, this list is sure to have what you need to stay protected and secure in your home.