Do you suffer from or know someone who suffers from allergies to cats?

You should certainly invest in an air purifier that can reduce cat allergen levels. Air purifiers for cat allergies capture and filter out cat hair, dander, and other allergens in the air. We have done the research and hard work for you by testing out 7 of the best air purifiers on the market today!

Our rigorous approach considers features such as performance, noise level, cost-effectiveness, and more to make sure you find a product that is best suited for your needs.

With our expert review, allergy sufferers no longer need to worry about whether they’re purchasing an effective model – just check out our recommendations and pick one of the top seven allergens-reducing models! Your life will be much easier with a powerful yet quiet machine doing its job while keeping your home fresh & clean.

How We Selected These Products

We all know that having cats can lead to pet allergies, but finding the best air purifier for cat allergies can be a daunting task.

Most air purifiers on the market claim to reduce allergens in the home, but they don't always live up to their promise. You want to make sure you get the right product for your needs so you don't waste your hard-earned money.

Lucky for you, we've done all the research and testing and have handpicked seven of the best air purifiers designed to solve cat allergy symptoms. Let us help you find the right purifier so you can enjoy a healthier home with your furry friends.

Best Air Purifiers for Pets Allergies with HEPASilent Dual Filtration Technology

Blueair Air Purifiers for Pets Allergies

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Why We Love This Product

Blueair has developed an air purifier specifically designed for pets allergies with HEPA silent dual filtration technology. This innovative technology combines the power of two advanced filters to provide superior air purification for pets and allergy sufferers alike.

The first filter in the Blueair air purifier is a high-efficiency particle filter that captures particles as small as 0.1 microns in size, including pet dander, dust mites, and pollen. The second filter is a carbon filter that removes odors and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air.

Things To Keep In Mind

Blueair air purifiers provide an effective solution without causing a disturbance in your home environment. What sets Blueair apart from other air purifiers on the market is their quiet mark certification. This certification guarantees that the purifier operates at a noise level of 18-46dB, which means you can run it in your bedroom or living room without any disturbances.

These air purifiers have been tested and proven to clean up to 219 sqft of large space effectively in just 12.5 minutes and up to 526 sqft in a half-hour when set at high speed.

Best Air Purifier for Pet Allergies with Multiple Filter Choices

Levoit Air Purifier for Pet Allergies

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Why We Love This Product

Levoit air purifier with its multiple filter choices, allows you to choose the best filter to cater to your needs. The toxin absorber filter specializes in removing harmful pollutants such as smog, toxins, and VOCs from the air. This filter is ideal for people living in urban areas where pollution levels are high.

The smoke remover filter is another excellent choice for those living in wildfire-prone areas or frequent smokers. It helps remove smoke and odor caused by tobacco from the air, making your home cleaner and healthier. This air purifier also has a pet allergy filter designed specifically to capture pet dander and absorb unpleasant odors that come with having pets around.

Things To Keep In Mind

Levoit air purifier features vortexAir technology. This technology is designed to provide the most efficient and effective air purification possible. It uses a powerful vortex motor that can push air up to 120 cubic feet per minute, which enables it to clean the air in large rooms with ease.

The vortexAir technology also allows the Levoit air purifier to filter out a wide range of pollutants including allergens, pet dander, mold spores, dust mites, and even volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Best Air Purifier for Pet Allergies Featuring Gorgeous Night Lights

Afloia Air Purifier for Pet Allergies

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Why We Love This Product

Afloia air purifier for pet allergies not only removes pet dander and other allergens from the air but also features gorgeous night lights that create a calming atmosphere in any room. With three different light modes to choose from, you can easily set the mood for a peaceful evening.

The night lights on the Afloia air purifier offer three different modes: light off, soft mode, and standard mode. This allows you to customize the lighting based on your preferences and your current mood. The soft mode provides a gentle glow that is perfect for relaxing before bedtime or when watching TV in the evening.

Things To Keep In Mind

Afloia air purifier features a 2 in 1 design that combines HEPA air purification with humidification capabilities. This feature ensures that you not only breathe clean and fresh air but also enjoy comfortable humidity levels in your home or office.

With its HEPA filter, this air purifier is capable of capturing up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. This includes dust, allergens, smoke, and pet dander among others. The humidification function adds moisture to the air which prevents dry skin, sinus problems, and other related health issues caused by dry indoor environments.

Best Air Purifier for Pet Allergies That Automatically Adjusts

Shark Air Purifier for Pet Allergies

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Why We Love This Product

A shark air purifier for pet allergies with the automatic adjust feature and the clean sense IQ technology employed by this air purifier automatically tracks the air quality in your home and adjusts its power accordingly.

This means that it will increase power when pollutants are detected and decrease when the air is clean. The benefit of this feature is that it ensures constant clean air in your home without requiring you to monitor and adjust settings manually.

Things To Keep In Mind

The Shark air purifier for pet allergies is equipped with pure air microforce technology, which utilizes a powerful fan to deliver four speeds of purification based on your surrounding air quality.

The fast fan delivers 4 speeds of purification-based features is essential in ensuring that the air purifier works efficiently to eliminate allergens from your living space. The speed at which pollutants are drawn into the device and purified means that you will experience significant relief from allergy symptoms faster than other air purifiers in its class.

Best Air Purifier for Pet Allergies with Patented ARC Formula Technology

Levoit Air Purifier for Pet Allergies

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Why We Love This Product

Levoit air purifier has come to the rescue with its patented ARC formula technology that makes it an ideal choice for pet owners. This cutting-edge technology is designed to effectively capture and eliminate pet allergens in your home.

The ARC formula technology feature in this air purifier works by absorbing and neutralizing airborne pollutants such as pet dander, hair, dust mites, pollen, and other allergens effectively. This filter technology is designed with pets in mind and helps remove pet odors caused by them swiftly.

Things To Keep In Mind

LEVOIT air purifier comes with a non-woven fabric pre-filter that is designed to trap large particles such as pet hair, dander, and other allergens. This pre-filter helps to extend the life of the high-efficiency HEPA filter by preventing it from getting clogged with large particles.

The non-woven fabric pre-filter is easy to install and replace. It can be easily accessed by removing the back panel of the air purifier. Moreover, this pre-filter contributes significantly to providing clean and refreshing air inside your home or office especially if you are allergic to pets' dander or fur hairs.

Best Air Purifiers for Pet Allergies with 3-Stage Filtration

MOOKA Air Purifiers for Pet Allergies

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Why We Love This Product

Mooka air purifier is equipped with a 3-stage filtration system that is specifically designed to tackle all types of airborne contaminants, especially those that cause allergies in pets and humans. The first stage of the filtration process involves the pre-filter, which captures larger particles such as pet hair and dander. This not only improves air quality but also prolongs the lifespan of other filters.

The second stage involves the true HEPA filter, which is capable of capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns including allergens, smoke, pollen, and dust mites. Finally, a high-efficiency activated carbon filter is added to remove any remaining odor or smoke particles from your home's air supply.

Things To Keep In Mind

The important thing to keep in mind about Mooka air purifiers is their easy-operated touch panel, which makes them an excellent choice for those who suffer from pet allergies. The touch panel allows you to control all aspects of your air purifier with ease, making it simple to adjust settings and keep your home free of harmful allergens.

Its touch panel is specifically designed for individuals who are struggling with pet allergies. It provides easy access to essential functions such as fan speed control, filter replacement reminders, and sleep mode activation - all at the touch of a button.

Best Air Purifier with Smart Filter Replacement Indicator

HIMOX HEPA Air Purifier

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Why We Love This Product

The Himox HEPA smart air purifier Features an innovative technology that ensures the air purifier is functioning at its best, by indicating when it's time to change the filter.

The smart filter replacement Indicator feature is a lifesaver for those with busy schedules, who may forget or not have the time to check if their air purifier's filter needs changing regularly. The indicator light will alert you when it's time to replace your air filter, taking away unnecessary stress and guesswork.

Things To Keep In Mind

The Himox HEPA air purifier includes a unique aromatherapy feature. The addition of essential oils to the air purifier helps provide several benefits, including unclogging stuffy noses, relieving sore throats, and aiding in deeper, more peaceful sleep.

The use of aromatherapy has been shown to have a positive impact on mental health and well-being. When essential oils are diffused into the air, they can help reduce stress levels and create a relaxing environment. This can be particularly beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety or depression.


Cat allergies are a common problem for many people, making it difficult to enjoy the company of feline friends without suffering from allergy symptoms.

Cat allergies can cause a range of unpleasant symptoms, including sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, and even difficulty breathing. These symptoms can be particularly troublesome for individuals with severe allergies or respiratory issues.

Air purifiers for cat allergies offer a solution to this problem, helping to remove allergens from the air and create a more comfortable living environment for allergy sufferers. To help individuals choose the right air purifier for their needs, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about air purifiers for cat allergies to help you make an informed decision about choosing the best option.

How do air purifiers work for allergies?

Air purifiers work by removing allergens from the air, such as pet dander, pollen, dust mites, and other airborne particles. They do this by using powerful filters that capture these particles before they can spread through your home.

What are the benefits of using an air purifier for cat allergies?

The primary benefit of using an air purifier for cat allergies is that it helps to reduce the number of allergens in the air, making your home a more comfortable environment. This can help minimize the symptoms associated with pet allergies and make it easier to enjoy spending time with cats.

Air purifiers can also improve indoor air quality by removing dust particles, smoke, and other contaminants from the air. This can help reduce respiratory illnesses and make your home healthier.

How effective are air purifiers for allergies?

Air purifiers are effective in reducing allergens in the air. However, it is important to note that no air purifier can completely eliminate all allergens from your home, as some particles may still remain airborne even after passing through the filter.

An air purifier should be used in combination with other methods of managing allergies in order to make the most of its effectiveness. These methods may include avoiding triggers, keeping pets out of certain areas of the home, and cleaning regularly.

What types of filters are used in air purifiers for allergies?

The type of filter used in an air purifier for allergies depends on the model and manufacturer. Many models use a combination of filters, including HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, and ionizers. Together, these filters help to capture microscopic particles and reduce allergens in your home.

Some air purifiers also utilize ultraviolet light to kill existing allergens, as well as essential oil diffusers to help create a more soothing environment.

Can air purifiers eliminate cat allergens completely?

No air purifier can't eliminate all allergens from your home, as some particles may still remain airborne even after passing through the filter.

How often should I replace the filters in an air purifier?

The frequency of filter replacements depends on the model and manufacturer, as well as the environment in which it is used. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the filters every three to six months for optimal performance.

Are there any safety concerns with using an air purifier?

Air purifiers are safe for everyday use and have been proven to be beneficial in reducing airborne pollutants and allergens. Some types of air purifiers produce small amounts of ozone, which can be harmful in high concentrations.

It is crucial to check the specifications of your chosen model before purchasing to ensure it does not exceed the recommended limit of 50 parts per billion set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Another issue that may arise when using an air purifier is filter replacement and maintenance. Dirty filters can harbor bacteria and mold, which can lead to further health complications.

Can air purifiers help with other types of allergies or air quality issues?

Yes, air purifiers can help reduce other types of allergens and improve your overall air quality. They are particularly effective at removing dust particles, smoke, and other airborne contaminants from the air. Some models feature features such as UV light to kill germs and bacteria in the air.

What should I look for when choosing an air purifier for allergies?

When choosing an air purifier for allergies, take into account the size of the room where you intend to use the air purifier. It's crucial to choose a model that covers the appropriate square footage of your space; otherwise, it might not deliver optimal performance.

Check the type of filter included in the device. A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is recommended as it removes particles as small as 0.3 microns and provides excellent allergy relief.

How do I properly maintain an air purifier for cat allergies?

To properly maintain an air purifier for cat allergies, it's important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This includes regularly changing or cleaning the filters and setting up a schedule to replace them as needed. 

Make sure you clean any dust buildup on the outside of the device and vacuum near the device on a regular basis.

How do I know if an air purifier is working properly?

You can tell if an air purifier is working properly by monitoring the level of allergens in your home. If you notice that your allergies are still present, then it's likely that the air purifier is not operating as it should. You may also want to check for any clogged filters or dust buildup on the device itself.

Can multiple cats be in a home with an air purifier for cat allergies?

It is possible to have multiple cats in a home with an air purifier for cat allergies, however, proper pet management is still important. Make sure that you keep the area clean and vacuum regularly.

What are some additional steps I can take to reduce cat allergens in my home?

In addition to using an air purifier, there are other steps you can take to help reduce cat allergens in your home. Make sure that you keep the area clean and vacuum regularly. Consider putting plastic covers on furniture and bedding to prevent dust from accumulating.

You may also want to use a HEPA vacuum cleaner with a filtration system for the best results. Try to keep cats off furniture and restrict them to certain areas in your home. This will help reduce the amount of allergens throughout the home.

Are there any side effects to using an air purifier for cat allergies?

No, there are no known side effects to using an air purifier for cat allergies. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and maintain the device regularly to ensure optimal performance.


Finding an air purifier for pets that suits your needs can be daunting given the myriad of options available in the market today. But this guide to the 7 best air purifiers for cat allergies can serve as a helpful starting point in your search, giving you a head start on the best features and specifications to consider.

Armed with knowledge from our guide, you should be able to find the perfect air purifier that meets both your budget and cat allergy relief needs. It's all a matter of finding what works best for you. Don't be afraid to invest time and energy into researching different models available.