Pacifiers, or “dummies” as they’re sometimes called, are often seen as a source of contention in parenting circles. Some parents swear by them while others are against using them altogether. But what if you’re a breastfeeding mom? Is it okay to use a pacifier with your baby? In short, the answer is yes. In fact, pacifiers can actually be beneficial for both mother and baby when it comes to breastfeeding. Following are the 3 reasons you should use a pacifier for breastfed babies. Let’s take a closer look at why that is.

Increased Comfort for Baby

Pacifiers provide comfort and security for babies and can help soothe them during times of distress. Most babies are born with an instinctive need to suckle, so offering a pacifier can help meet this need while keeping them calm and contented. This encourages babies to latch on more easily when it’s time to feed, allowing your little one to get the nourishment they need without becoming too distressed in the process.

Breastfeeding Intimacy

Using a pacifier during breastfeeding can allow mothers and their babies to enjoy some much-needed skin-to-skin contact without having to worry about the baby getting distracted or overstimulated by external stimuli such as noise or lights. This helps ensure that each feeding session is an intimate bonding experience that strengthens the connection between mother and baby.

Reduction of Sore Nipples

Pacifiers also come in handy when it comes to reducing sore nipples during breastfeeding sessions. Because infants tend to suck more vigorously when their hunger pangs kick in, mothers may find themselves dealing with painfully sore nipples after feedings—especially for new moms who aren’t yet used to nursing their newborns. Having a pacifier on hand can help break up long feeds and give your nipples some much-needed rest in between sessions so they don’t become inflamed or cracked due to excessive sucking pressure from your little one's gums or tongue ties.

Pacifiers offer multiple benefits for breastfed babies and their mothers alike, from helping reduce sore nipples after long feeds, to providing comfort and intimacy during each session.

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